Mrs. Citron’s Pantry Branding

I thought I would show you the beginnings of some branding I’ve been working on. My mom has always been into homemade everything. Growing up, we would almost never eat out, and instead she would serve us some amazing dinner that she made from scratch. Lately, she has been really into cutting out refined sugars […]

Valentine’s Day Cards!

I am getting this in a little late – today I dismantled my entire apartment! I will definitely keep you posted on how THAT’S going..   This is the final card in my Valentine’s Day series. Keeping it simple, it states ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, with little hearts featuring lovely patterns.  Like all of my cards, […]

Be My Valentine Card?

Unlike one dozen red roses, the flowers on this card are a little more creative, and will last forever. This Valentine’s Day, show your special someone how much you really love them with a handmade card asking them to be your valentine!   You can buy it here.   Stayed tuned tomorrow, I have one […]

I Like You More Than Chocolate!

Another Valentine’s day card! I don’t like how flowery cards can get, so I though I’d go with something a little sassier. By telling your special someone you like them more than chocolate, you are really making a strong statement. Or, I guess you are if you like chocolate as much as I do   […]

I love you!

I just added a new valentine’s day card to the shop!   My favorite part about these are the lined envelopes. I found some beautiful paper, and this was a fun way to incorporate it. I made the counters hearts for an extra pop of love. Buy them here, and be sure to check back! […]


Just thought I’d check in and share with you a little fun project I did a while back! I have a friend who is beginning his first foray into brewing his own beer. I have been helping him make his first batch, and we thought it would be cool if it had labels as well! […]


I always have big plans for Valentine’s Day. I will make cards by hand, I think to myself. They will be beautiful. I will use ribbons, and lace, and paint, and paper, and perhaps clippings from magazines, and everyone will think I am so clever, and be so amazed at where I find the time […]


I’m working on a baby announcement, and I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I look to for inspiration when starting new projects! Grain Edit   features a lot of graphic designers and illustrators. Their style tends toward vintage/retro 1950s, which I think I will always be obsessed with. Darling Dexter is a […]

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I certainly did.. It’s been slow going getting into the swing of 2011 for me, but before I move on, I wanted to show you some custom holiday cards I did last year! Lindsay’s family has this sweet tradition of sending a photo card kissing their daughter’s […]