Behind The Scenes

The first thing anyone will tell you about selling products on Etsy is that it is super important to have great photos! Everything else can slide, to some extent, but the photos are key. That’s why I call my dad! He is a semi-professional photographer, and his photos are way better than anything I could […]

Dining Room – After/During!

I don’t think calling these things an ‘after’ is technically correct, since like I said before they are still very much in progress. Also in progress are my photography skills! Taking pictures of your house is hard, yo. Last week, I spent about an hour shooting, and came up with very few usable pics. I […]

Etsy Card Roundup

I’ve continued putting up new products on my Etsy shop, but I’ve stopped featuring each product in its own blog post. I don’t want this blog to be one big advertisement for me, but rather a record of my design life. Instead, I will try doing an etsy card roundup of things I’ve put up […]

Friday Fix: Triangles

It isn’t hip to be square any more… take away one of those sides and make it a triangle! A staple in hipster art, I think they are also pretty cute when they are living it up as home and fashion accessories.

Real Bedroom Photos

I kept putting off putting my apartment ‘after’ photos on the blog. I don’t feel like it’s really done yet, but I realized that it would be so sad if I ever thought my home was finished. I love decorating, and it will always be a work in progress – so I thought I’d share […]

Keep Your Chin Up!

I have been feeling a little discouraged lately. It’s nothing too serious, I just haven’t been feeling particularly motivated. Even though I have been taking a lot of small steps toward achieving my goals, I’ve felt like I’m spinning my wheels. I think this is partially because I’m an impatient person, and once I decide […]

Space Themed Accessories Roundup

These are the voyages of the Star Ship En- I mean, if I were a space explorer, I would definitely accessorize the part – so without further ado, here is my space themed accessories roundup.

Father’s Day Card Roundup!

  Father’s Day is just around the corner! (Well, not really, but I get excited about these things..) This year, skip giving him an actual tie, and just give him this far more unexpected cut paper tie card, which is just the first in my father’s day card roundup. More coming soon!   The interior […]


Psst… Notice anything different?   ….   Okay, I’m tired of waiting for you to notice. (If you did, good job!)     Just below the visit my Etsy shop link, and right above my RSS links, you can now sign up for the Love Citron newsletter! I am excited to be able to send […]

Handmade Baby Announcements

My cousin recently had a baby (yay!). I was so excited for her, and when I met sweet little William, it was love at first sight. He is such a little cutie, and I had a hard time interacting with anyone else when he was around! It was such an honor to be able to […]