Friday Fix: Notebooks

I have something of an addiction to office supplies, and notebooks are at the top of that list. I habitually carry a notebook around with me, and even though I don’t burn through them that quickly, it doesn’t stop me from eagerly planning out my next notebook purchase (even though I usually just stick with […]

You Tie Me Up In Knots!

I was inspired to make this card after purchasing 3,400 yards of red twine. I knew I wanted to do something cool with it, and after much experimentation, I figured out how to make these neat patterns! I think this would be a great ‘just because’ card to surprise your significant other, or perhaps a […]

Graphic Designers Don’t Want You To Tell Them To Make It Pretty

One phrase I have come upon frequently in my career is ‘…and then you will make it pretty’. It is generally used to describe my role as the graphic designer in a project, and it never fails to set my teeth on edge. Usually my coping mechanism is to just smile politely and let it […]

Triangle Note Cards

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very busy. I spent some time at the flea market, I painted my bathroom, and I tried to get my apartment cleaned up, a plan that was foiled by my dryer dying. I then went on to make a nice big hole in my freshly painted […]

Friday Fix: Sit!

Ever since getting a dog, I have not only turned into a slightly crazy dog lady, I have also been on the lookout for cute dog accessories! It seems like Old Navy dried up their adorable dog collars and leashes just when I finally had a need for them, and it is really difficult to […]

Behind The Scenes

I am getting my new office set up, but before that, I did most of my designing either on the couch or at the kitchen table. (I am actually writing this from the couch, but it’s the office couch. There’s a difference.) This is where I made all of my Valentine’s Day cards. Definitely not […]