Full Color Brochures

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! (Is that song eternally stuck in anyone else’s head? It’s dimming my good opinion of Fridays in general!) I’ve got a lot going on this weekend. I am hosting a combination birthday/housewarming party (mostly a birthday party) and I am determined it make it the most awesome party that […]

Mother’s Day Cards

That Mother’s Day is right around the corner? It’s on May 8th. Which is about 2 weeks away. These holidays always seem to sneak up on me… but worry not, I didn’t forget about getting you some Mother’s Day cards! Mothers sacrifice all kinds of things for their children, from their bodies to their sense […]

Plant Setback

As you may know, my area suffered from some tornadoes last week. I was lucky enough to be out of town, and even luckier in that nobody I know was affected, but my poor plants were affected! My oregano and celosia are just gone. They were doing pretty well before they were blown away. My […]

I didn’t forget about this blog…

I’ve just been hanging out here! Posting will resume on Monday.

Bad News..

I am completely out of ideas for things to post here. I attribute this to being super busy, being thisclose to a vacation, and the fact that my creativity drops when I get tired and I get tired when it’s rainy out, and guess what? It’s rainy here! Unfortunately, I just took a break and […]

A Case Of The Mondays

This has definitely been one of those mornings where I just wish I could crawl back into bed and have a do-over. It started with being parked out of my car (that’s where someone parks so close to your door that you can’t open it/get into your car) and continued when I left my computer […]

Summer Style

Around here, spring is definitely in the air (along with the not-so-exciting clouds of green pollen). It’s warm, leaves are popping out all over the place, and the sun is setting later and later. It’s getting me pumped up for summer! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love how excited I get thinking about […]

Die Cut Business Cards

To show you the business cards I made last night! I am going to be showing some stuff at a wedding expo, and I wanted to be sure I had some really awesome business cards. I think I might have broken my diecutter in the process, but they are finished and I’m pretty happy with […]

Springing Forward

I’m not sure if it’s something in the air, but it seems to me that lately people have been propelling themselves out of this holding pattern we post-college, pre-’adult life’, and getting themselves into more sustainable situations. I don’t mean sustainable in the green sense, rather I mean scenarios that have the potential to grow […]

Apartment Gardening

Recently I’ve been dreaming about cooking with fresh herbs that have grown in my garden! There were a couple of problems with this situation. The first was that I didn’t have outdoor space for a garden, although I do have a porch. The second is that I possess a lethal black thumb. I have enthusiastically […]