Kitchen Renovation

          I decided to go with a greenish light blue color and accent with bright pops of red. It makes the kitchen feel much more soothing, and it also brightens up the room quite a bit! This coffee cart now holds Caspian’s food, and the white dish on it holds random […]

Drilling Through Canvas Is Harder Than You Think

The other day I was spending the morning doing nothing, when I decided that I would like to make a light wall behind the TV. Unfortunately, googling light wall didn’t produce much. I had this vision of twinkle lights hanging down, but I couldn’t think of a good, beautiful way to mount them. I did […]

On A Different Note..

Today I signed up to receive a Produce Box.  Basically what’s going to happen is for $22 a week, I will have fresh, locally grown produce delivered to my door. Like I am the queen of vegetables or something. It’s so exciting to have such an easy and cost effective way to a) support local […]

Friday Fix: Light Up

I am a sucker for beautiful lighting. Unfortunately roughly 1% of the lamps I love are within my price range. But they can’t stop me from looking…  

4 New Wedding Suites

  A while back, I was offered the opportunity to participate in a wedding expo. This was exciting, however it meant that I spend about four straight days making 4 new wedding suites products, so I would have something to showcase! It was pretty fun. Anyway, I have been slowly putting these suites up on […]

Great Food Packaging

Last night I was making dinner when I realized that I should probably stick some sort of vegetable next to my pork chop. I was digging around the freezer looking at our frozen vegetable selection when I found this: I just love it. I know it’s a very mundane thing to wax poetic over, but […]

Friday Fix: KITTENS!

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Yellow Die Cut Business Cards

I know I showed you a sneak peek of these earlier, but now I have a for realsies photo to show you of my yellow die cut business cards!! I made these using my die cutter and my laser printer, and some sticker paper. I love the way expensive printing techniques look, but I am […]

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I have always loved weddings. I love how romantic it is to stand up in front of your friends and family and celebrate your love for another person, I love the fun parties that come along with that, and most of all, I love how it is an opportunity to have a lot of great […]