Taking Things Slow

This has been a slow week for me so far. A combination of finishing some things up, and just getting going on some other things has resulted in something of a lull for me, and I have to say I can’t complain. There is a special kind of stress that comes with not having a […]

What’s your color vision?

This test made the rounds when I was still in design school, and a twitter friend dug it up today. I’m pleased to announce that according to this test I have:   That will come in handy, seeing as I’m a designer and all. What’s your score?    


My interest in the weather was much higher than usual this weekend. As the hurricane made its way up the coast, we expected the worst, (we even made a hurricane survival box) but actually we were lucky and only got a lot of rain and some wind. Because of the weather, I basically didn’t leave […]

Freelance Outfit

If you know me at all, you probably know that I like clothes and fashion. Although maybe not, once a friend told me that based on how I dressed (I assume), she thought I wasn’t into fashion… Ouch. I’ve been rocking the college student (non-existent) budget for quite a while now, so I’ve fallen out […]

OMG Ya’ll!

This is a pretty exciting day for me. I am finally ready to start rolling out my new LoveCitron products that I’ve been working so hard on! Beyond my excitement to show off my stuff to people other than my dog, I feel this represents a new and exciting step in my freelance journey. I […]

I feel the Earth move..

Yesterday, my mom took me to Costco so I could stock up on double stick tape and lightbulbs. Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t carry these items, but it was still fun. We were driving home, stopped at a red light, when the car started shaking. It felt like someone was standing on the back bumper, bouncing up […]

More about Calligraphy

Just a few thoughts as I am beginning my journey in calligraphy. 1) It’s a really broad term that basically means fancy handwriting. 2) I don’t think I’m interested in learning traditional calligraphy. I think I just want to be better at hand lettering things. 3) It’s really frustrating to learn how to write all […]

End of Summer

I had a really nice weekend. It was so fun to see my family, especially my cousin and her baby. He is just delightful to be around. My favorite part of the visits, though, was watching my parents flip out for him. My mom is a friend to all babies, so that is to be […]


So I forgot to post yesterday! I don’t have a reason why, other than I have been unable to focus this week. I think I’m getting adult-onset ADD. That’s a thing, right? Lucky for me, the weekend is coming, so I just have to try to get through today. I’m really excited about this weekend […]

Why Unpaid Internships Are Bad

I was taking a quick twitter break from a project, and I came across this article. Jessica Hische basically sums up everything I wanted to write about unpaid internships (and why unpaid internships are bad). I never took an unpaid internship in school. And I held 4 separate internships during my 4 years in design […]