Happy Halloween!

It is cold and rainy here, which is really putting a damper on the evenings festivities, but after such a fun weekend, I can’t really complain. We had a Halloween party this weekend, which I will humbly submit was a huge success. I went a little nuts decorating – turns out I really like fake […]

Freaky Friday

I’m really excited for the weekend. For some reason, I have been super into Halloween this year, and the weekend is finally here! I have been decorating my apartment all spooky like and the components of my costume have been slowly arriving (it’s a really great costume, not gonna lie) and I’m planning all kinds […]

Outfit of the Day

If you’ve never worked from home, you may not realize the lure of staying in your pajamas day after day. Let me tell you, my friend, it is there. In fact, I have a confession to make. It takes me at least an hour to really wake up, and usually I’ll sit on my couch […]

Design Sponge In Raleigh!

Since I was little, I’ve always been into decorating my space. I remember being so excited when the latest issue of Martha Stewart reached our home – at age 10. I was always planning how I would decorate my apartment when I finally had one, and since that’s actually happened, I’ve almost always had some […]


This weekend I went to the State Fair. The fair gets a lot of reactions around here – people either seem to love it or hate. There are plenty of reasons to hate it – it’s overwhelming and filled with gross foods, parts of Raleigh are basically inaccessible while it’s going on, my friends used […]

Freaking Friday

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but I am almost always in a bad mood on Friday evenings. Something about the culmination of the work week leaves me grumpy and tired. I’ve been trying to overcome this strange habit, but some days it just doesn’t work out, and I have to […]

33 Ways To Stay Creative

Just look at everything that needs to be done and feel overwhelmed? I do. This has been kind of a weird week for me. I didn’t have as much work that I HAD to do as I anticipated, and that free time, coupled with me still not feeling 100% meant that I spent a lot […]

4 Sweet Invitation Designs

I have just begun working on some custom invitation suites, and I have been scouring the internet for some good inspiration. At the beginning of a project, I usually get a little overwhelmed and the creative side of my brain will shut down, leaving me feeling like I will never design anything good ever again. […]

Building Better Client Relations

Working with clients can be the best part of my job, or the worst part of my job. It all depends on who the client is. I think that college definitely left meĀ  unprepared for the total mind game that working with non-designers on a design project can be. Often, I find myself torn. I […]

Looking Forward

  My birthday was this weekend. This probably does not come as a surprise to you, since I’ve been talking about it a lot. I had a really fantastic weekend. My aunt and cousins came down to visit, the weather was lovely so we spent a lot of time outside, and I think going paddle […]