DST Can Suck It

So we’re on what, day four of the time change? I’m already over it. I don’t remember daylight savings time ever hitting me this hard, but I’ve spent this week in a constant state of barely contained panic because the light makes me think it’s much later than it is, and by the time David […]


To my new blog! I am so excited that it’s finally here! Please note the footer at the (…foot..) of the page, and click on the categories button at least once to watch it slide up and down. I do that a lot. Like I’ve mentioned before, making this blog was a long and arduous […]

Freelance: Month 4

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize it was time for my monthly check-in post until I looked at a calendar. I’ve been feeling really tired and kind of crazed – last night my evening was derailed by having to give Caspian a flea bath and steam mop my apartment, which is satisfying and fun in […]

Yudid it!

I’m having a lazy morning. This is partially because I worked until 11 on Friday night (if I’m going to share the good, I should probably share the not-ideal too, right?) and also because David and I are on the cusp of some major closet cleaning, and the office is a huge mess right now. […]


So remember how I talked about this week and my giant list? Well, I’ve decided I should no longer make announcements on here, because basically the minute I posted that, the world was like HA HA HA here are some other things you MUST do. But that’s okay! Because there is always this weekend, and […]

You Don’t Really Mean That..

I check my spam filters pretty regularly, as sometimes important emails can get trapped in there. I check my spam comments too, since those far outweigh my real comments, and I want to make sure nothing’s getting stuck! So far, there hasn’t been anything in there that shouldn’t be, but the nonsensical comments are kind […]

Climbing Out Of The Negativity Rabbit Hole

I understand that this is something girls say (see above), but holy crap HOW is it November? Do you know what November means? November means that it is almost a year since I started Love Citron, that it’s almost time for the holidays (thank you, marketing for making this impossible to miss) and that I […]