Love Citron On Design*Sponge

I am just popping in to let you all know that I was on Design*Sponge today! I totally wasn’t expecting it, and I am super excited, so be sure to go read the very nice writeup.    

5 Days of Holidays – Movies

Over the years, I’ve been developing a list of movies that I have to watch every holiday season. It’s great, because when things get slow in the house, you can just pop in a movie and nobody cares that we’ve seen it a million times before, because it’s tradition. I’m not sure how this happened, […]

5 Days of Holidays – The Night Before Christmas

Every Christmas Eve, we all sit on the couch and read The Polar Express, and The Night Before Christmas. We sometimes take turns, and sometimes we read extra fast (like last year, when we got home from a party at 1 in the morning) but we never skip it. Then we turn off all the […]

5 Days of Holidays – The Nutcracker

I have been to see the Nutcracker every year since I was two. It’s probably one of my favorite traditions, and even though I’ve seen it 21 times, it never gets old.  

5 Days of Holidays – Hanukkah

Hanukkah isn’t so much a tradition as a holiday we celebrate, and tonight happens to be the first night! I was actually raised Jewish, although my family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas (because it is so much more fun to open all your presents on Christmas morning) Hanukkah (or Hannukah, or Chanukah, oh, how I […]

5 Days of Holidays

NOTE: I wrote this yesterday, and I THOUGHT I published it yesterday… but I did not! So consider this Monday’s post, just a little late. For this week, (or the 5 days leading up to what I still refer to as break) I thought I’d talk about some of my family’s traditions and general holiday […]

Creative, Inc

I recently finished reading Creative, Inc. I’d heard that it was one of the best informational books around for creative freelancers, and I’ve been feeling like I could use a little motivation/information. The price was certainly right, and it was a pretty quick read. I think this would be a great book to buy if […]


David and I have started playing racquetball lately. It’s kind of turned into an obsession on my part. It started off as an attempt for me to lure David to the gym with me, since I had stopped going to yoga as much (read: at all), and I wanted both of us to actually use […]

Lovely rugs and dirty shoes

One of my holiday traditions is to go on a local home tour that’s held annually. I always go with my mom, and usually some family friends, although the lineup has been shuffled a few times over the years. This year, David came with me, which was great because I like sharing my traditions with […]

I’ve been featured!

Some baby shower invitations I designed were featured on Invitation Crush yesterday. You should go check them out!  I love working on projects like this because they are about fun events, and the timeline is short enough that everything is all wrapped up before it get stressful. I recently got some older projects (including the […]