Portfolio – Platypus

You know when you do a task up to the last step.. and then you forget it isn’t finished and go on about your life for a good month or so? This has happened to me with some projects that I  want to share with you guys!  This is a packaging design that I worked […]

Moka Pot

David bought a Moka pot last week, and I think it was the best decision he ever made. A Moka pot is a stovetop espresso maker. It works by magic. I drink coffee every morning, and while I’m pretty picky about how I like it, it was never something to get excited over. But since […]

Today I’m Freaking Out About Taxes

This week I finally decided that I REALLY needed to get a handle on how taxes work. It’s been a very intimidating thing  to figure out on my own – freelance taxes are different from normal taxes, and I have absolutely no experience with any of this, (most days, I don’t even have a solid […]

Bein’ A Bridesmaid, Part 1

As I’ve mentioned here before, 2012 is quickly becoming the year of other people’s weddings. I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in two of the upcoming events. While I am long distance for one, and it’s a bit harder to be involved, the other wedding is local, and I’ve been what I like […]

Stepping Back

I’m coming to realize that I have a focus problem. I just made my own point by typing that sentence, talking to my friend on instant messenger, reheating my coffee, doing an experiment with an Advil that I dropped and then stepped on (when you open them, they leave residue on your hands, just fyi) […]

Lia Cecaci

I found Lia Cecaci via Papernstitch and I fell completely in love with her images. Her photos have this gorgeous sun-soaked quality that makes me want to crawl right inside them, and feel that golden light on my face. The image above is part of a gallery show she did in the end of 2011, […]

Fun Times Ahead

It was kind of an exciting weekend. I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend, and David’s brother got engaged! Since I love to see my friends happy, and I love attending weddings in general, I am expecting some fun times in the future. It’s so interesting to watch this going on around me. By […]

Oh Yeah.. Love Citron was in BRIDES Magazine!

I am so excited to tell you guys that the RSVP card for my neon triangle wedding invitations was in the February issue of Brides Magazine. It was so cool to be standing in Wal-Mart, looking at something I did in print! My invitation is on page 120, in case you are interested in checking […]


I got my hair cut yesterday. I don’t get it cut very often, because it is long and curly, and I like the messy look. But, I got bored recently and decided to mix it up, and try out some bangs! I’ve done the dramatic chop off thing a couple times, and it always lets […]

The Dollar Store Series

A recent Thursday night tradition has been a craft/game night with some friends who David used to live with and their girlfriends. It’s kind of funny, because the guys are all totally left brained, computer science-y, engineer-y types (yes, those are technical terms) and the girls are all creative and artsy and addicted to Pinterest. […]