The Maker’s Schedule

A couple weeks ago, David was telling me about an article  he read explaining the difference between a maker and a manager’s schedule. It’s written more from the point of view of a developer, but I thought a lot of what he was saying applied to designers as well. To briefly recap the article, (which […]


A long time ago, I bought a LivingSocial coupon for mixology classes at a local bar. Then I decided that I was never buying a LivingSocial or Groupon again. The act of buying it checks the ‘done’ box in my brain, and I immediately forget about actually setting up the activity. So it was a […]

The Office, Part 2

So, the last time I talked about my office, I had a lot of complaints and not a lot of solutions. I sort of whined for a little bit, and then went on doing absolutely nothing to make it better. What can I say, sometimes I just need to let it settle for a while! […]

Freelance, Month 9

  If you’ve been reading along, you know that this past month was pretty hectic. I had a couple setbacks, which taught me a few things about time and project management. However, the most important issue this month was work/life balance. I am very good at maintaining a work/life balance when I don’t have a […]

Vacations and Stay-cations

Last weekend I packed up my belongings, and headed off to Charleston with David and a couple of other friends. When we got back, I had built in a couple extra days for a stay-cation, and I basically bummed around Raleigh, reading lots of books and catching up with friends. I know that I’ve said […]


Tonight, my family will celebrate Passover. Jewish holidays always kind of sneak up on me, because they are never at exactly the same time each year, but Passover has always been one of my favorites. When I was little, we would celebrate with my grandparents, and I was always the youngest by like 30 years. […]

Combined Heat and Power Tool

I wanted to share a project with you that I worked on at the Sustainability Office, but only just recently launched. It is an animation explaining how the Combined Heat and Power system works at NC State. I did a series of illustrations that were later animated. It is really cool to see something I […]

Being Elmo

I’m not usually much of a documentary person. I like the concept, but something about the format usually means that I’m sound asleep halfway through the movie. David loves documentaries,  so I’ve been trying to be a little more open to the concept. We’ve been watching a lot of How It’s Made, is all I’m […]

Why Freelance?

I know I’ve been talking about the dark side of freelancing recently. The loss of motivation, the fear that you may never be as successful as you hope, those are pretty big things to deal with on a regular basis. It helps to talk about it, but I know sometimes people must be wondering, why […]

Eatin’ Low Carb

Recently, I drastically changed my eating habits. I have always been interested in eating delicious, healthy foods. I love food, and my ultimate goal is life is to never feel guilty about the things that I eat – because in an ideal world, they would all be good for me. I’ve also been trying to […]