Dealing With It

This hasn’t been my week. I’m not feeling particularly motivated or inspired on any of my projects, planning for the future (something I try to constantly be working on) has seemed fruitless, my apartment’s a mess, and it’s been a struggle to not be constantly shoving leftover birthday cake in my face. I try not […]

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

Today I’m participating in a blogging challenge organized by Ez of Creature Comforts blog. It’s inspired by this post, by Jess Constable, and since I am all about some honesty on this blog, of course I wanted to join in! Here we go: 1. I am terrible at listening. It is such a struggle to […]

A Caspian Story

Caspian hurt his paw last week. He was chasing squirrels at the dog park, his cutest activity, and he tore his duclaw. I didn’t notice until we got home, and he was licking it a lot. Even though I had high hopes of it just fixing itself, that wasn’t actually the case, and we ended […]