One Year Later

Let me be honest, I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Friday, so today is a little bit of a letdown. Lucky for me, today is actually Friday, and I’m excited for this weekend! Can you believe that the 4th of July is almost here? I always feel a little panicky around the 4th. […]

Cold Brew The Way To My Heart

I’m only about 100 years late to the trend here, but I had my first cup of cold brewed coffee today, and I think it changed my life. It’s insanely easy to make, and even though you have to wait 12 hours for the payoff, it’s so, so worth it. This morning I took a […]

Identity Crisis

Coming up with names has never been something that I consider myself especially good at. I’m pretty literal, so even in my childhood I called my grandparents “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, and one of my favorite stuffed animals was called “Pink Bear”. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what that particular toy looked like. I […]

Easing Back

I had one of those weekends where everything seemed to go just right. It was such a nice weekend that I’m actually having a pretty hard time getting back into the swing of things today. I used to feel guilty about the occasional slow day on the couch, but now I think it’s integral to […]

Animals Wearing Clothes

All images copyright Berkley Illustration. Click the image to visit the listing! The other day, David and I were in one of our favorite downtown bars, sipping on Old Fashioneds (well, at least I was) and ogling the artwork. They had these really whimsical animal illustrations on the walls, and if I hadn’t known about […]

Unwasted Space

A little known fact about my apartment is that we have a back porch. Even though I love being outside, we hardly ever use it, partially because we’ve never really had it looking nice out there, and partially because oh, dear lord the bugs. I’m not even talking about flying insects, I’m talking about the […]

Shower Present Ideas

 Anchor Set | Mills  | Platter | Bucket After taking a break, the Bein’ A Bridesmaid series is back! We are keeping it shorter, and simpler, focusing on single aspects of bridal events. Alison: Salt & pepper mills are a perfect gift. They are on almost every registry, they’re usually pretty budget-friendly, and it’s something […]

Why I suck at blogging

As you may have heard, this Sunday was Father’s Day. David and I are both very lucky because we have great dads who we love and get along with – so we decided to combine our families for the celebration, and have everyone over for dinner. Sometimes I view cooking as more of a competitive […]

Weekend Style

My wardrobe is in definite need of an update, so I’ve been saving my pennies for a shopping spree. Until that time comes, I will dreaming of outfits like this one. Relaxed, stylish, and able to go from brunch to laying around in the grass watching an outdoor movie (one of my favorite summertime activities), […]

A Trip Outside

We Went To The Park! from Alison Citron on Vimeo. Last week, David and I realized that we were at our 2 and a half year dating anniversary. We’re not really big on celebrating relationship milestones like that – it’s not a big surprise that we ‘made it’ another month or year or anything – […]