DIY Edison Light Fixture

When we switched our family and dining rooms around, the only thing that didn’t totally work in the new family room was the chandelier. It was swagged in a corner, so nobody hit their head or anything but… it also looked like a chandelier in a living room. The thing about my decorating style is, […]

Food Thursday – Moo Shu Pork

Even though I love to cook, I’ve been feeling lazy the past couple of weeks (what else is new, amiright?) which means that we’ve been living at the intersection of Food Rut and Leftover Shortage. Things came to a head when David and I had Chinese food for two nights in a row, and then, […]

Bye, Summer

Last weekend, I woke up and something was different. The air was fresher, and cooler. The sky was a darker blue, and Caspian no longer acted like he was going to die the minute he stepped paw outside. Fall has arrived in North Carolina. I have to admit – and this is an unpopular opinion […]

I Heart Calligraphy

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been learning more about calligraphy. I’m going through my book step by step, to make sure I have a clear understanding of the basics, but every once in a while I can’t resist getting a little ahead of myself, and writing out a phrase or two.

Love The Look

This morning I was digging around on Pinterest, and I came across this awesome image by Jens Herrndorff. I’ve been digging bold, simple imagery lately – this has me totally inspired.


The past couple of days, I’ve been super-focused on a project, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, it meant that I forgot to put this post up yesterday… whoops. That in no way should reflect on the quality of this drink recipe, however, because I can’t wait to spice up my Sunday brunch with a bloody […]

Road Trip 2012: Boston | Annapolis | Home

Highlights: + Basically the whole trip was a highlight. It was so great to see my friend Liz again. When she left, I didn’t realize how much I would miss having her in Raleigh, but honestly I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t say “I wish Liz was here.” So it was […]

Road Trip 2012 – Niagara Falls | Concord | Salem

We were really excited to get to Niagara Falls. David had never been, and I was excited to explore the American side. It turned out to be kind of a bummer that we couldn’t go into Canada (David’s passport did not arrive in time) because the American side was pretty deserted. The upside was that […]

Road Trip 2012 – Raleigh | Ohio | Chicago | Milwaukee

I have a lifelong dream of packing up the car, and taking off on a cross-country, months long road trip. Maybe it’s the fact that on family vacations, we traveled almost exclusively by car, or just the romantic notion of hitting the open road, but the idea is always in the back of my mind. […]

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

I will admit, I wasn’t totally pumped to come back from vacation. Who ever is? Of course, I missed Caspian, although he was disappointingly calm about our return, and I’m glad to see my friends and family again. Some things I wasn’t so happy to see were: the millions of emails (mostly spam), the wet […]