Vacation Detox

If you have been following along on Instagram or Twitter, you may have surmised I went  on vacation. A big, long, crazy-awesome road trip filled with the 3 ‘F’s. Family, friends, and FOOD. We ate so much food. It kind of crescendoed over two weeks, culminating in eating our way through Boston, and a dark, […]

Growing Up and Moving On

In the next couple of weeks, my little brother is going away to college. It’s weird. Partially because I still remember so vividly going off to college myself – It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since that time, and that my college days are long behind me – but also because we’ll be […]

Over The Couch

When we rearranged the furniture, I just kind of threw some canvases up on a wall without thinking too much about it. They were all paintings by my talented mother, and while I love them individually, I ended up really not liking them over the couch. They just looked unfinished without frames, the diagonal angle […]

Vanessa & Benjamin

This is a special project I’d like to share with you today. When Vanessa contacted me to do individual water color pieces for her wedding invitations, I thought she wanted the whole shebang, both painting and design. She clarified that they were actually going to just set type that their letterpress printer already had on […]


The reason I was at the flea market on the day I found my bar cart was to find a corner cabinet. I had thought it would look good in the space, instead of the busy and cluttered bookshelf the room was currently rocking, and my mom happened to spot the perfect piece for the […]


Although drink making is David’s forte, today I want to share my current favorite drink. Although I enjoy mixed beverages, I have been trying to avoid sugar, which makes a lot of my favorite go-to drinks off limits. Recently, we’ve been eating a ton of delicious berries, which inspired me to try to give my […]

Bein’ A Bridesmaid – Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

Alison: Rehearsal dinners are hard. If you’re in the wedding, ideally you wouldn’t have to buy a dress, but it’s also your moment to shine, style wise. Obviously you should never try to out-shine the bride, but if you enjoy putting together an outfit, this might be your only chance this weekend to pick out […]

Calligraphy Here I Come

I’ve posted teasers from this project before, and it probably seems like it’s taking me forever to you know, actually put up the project. That’s because this project did indeed take me forever. It’s probably the one thing that I’ve put the most hours into, because every single element is hand made, and because of […]

Would You Like A Drink? We Have Everything.

For a while now, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a bar cart. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a metal industrial type cart to hold all of our bottles and glasses, but sadly anything I thought was cool was out of my budget. The other day, I was at the […]

Justine & Jake

Justine and Jake contacted me earlier this year about doing a custom watercolor invitation for them. Individually hand painted invitations proved to be a bit out of their budget, so we came up with a solution that I believe captures the spirit of what they originally wanted. I made several different watercolor paintings for them, […]