Penciling It In

It seems to be the time of year when people are deciding what kinds of planners/calendars they’ll get for next year. I’ve always been a carry-around-a-notebook kinda girl myself, but for whatever reason, this year I was tempted to maybe get a planner. Day planners are crazy expensive, guys! The more I looked, the more […]


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Even though I hate scary movies/things, I love candy and dressing up, and I especially love having Halloween parties. I told myself this year that I wasn’t going to make it too elaborate, but then I got on Pinterest, and it was all over. There are just so […]

Kindred Raleigh

This weekend, I was invited to the press preview of the opening of Kindred Boutique in Raleigh. My friend Amber just started working there, and since she’d been telling me about how awesome the space was, I was excited to check it out. When I walked in, the first thing that struck me was how […]

Oragami Invitations

Can you believe it’s Friday? This whole week, I’ve been totally¬† mixed up on what day it is – and what time it is, and what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m going to go ahead and blame a lack of sleep, and excitement for the upcoming weekend, because we are having a PARTY! Speaking […]

A Guide To Pumpkin Beer

Click to enlarge Probably one of the worst parts of doing the Whole30 challenge was not being able to drink any beer. I don’t drink tons of beer, but I’m pretty into pumpkin seasonals, which was just kicking off as we were starting the challenge. So the day it ended David and I went to […]

The Life Aquatic With D Zissou

I’ve been actively trying to be craftier lately. It started when I realized that if I wasn’t working, exercising, or cleaning… I didn’t really have anything fun to do, besides watch TV like the couch potato I not-so-secretly am. I’ve known how to knit for years, but I lost interest because let’s be honest, there […]

All I Ever Do Is Paint

I want to start this post off by saying that stenciling is the worst. The. Worst. I woke up on a Saturday morning and thought I could run out, buy supplies, and be done by dinner. Two days later, I was finally finished, at MIDNIGHT. After buying several different kinds of paint, in search of […]

Gabrielle’s Bachelorette

My friend Jessica lost her dog Robbie last night. He ran away, and they have reason to believe he was hit by a car. If you are in Los Angeles, please take a look at his photo and information – I really want him to come home safely. Recently my friend Amber and I were […]

Silky Squash Soup

While I realize that the above photo makes this soup look like a bowl of melted cheese (and I have to admit, I can’t really see the problem with that..?) this is probably the best squash soup I’ve ever had. It all started on Tuesday, when I had the delicious squash soup at Poole’s Diner, […]

In The Mail

Today I got a letter from my friend Liz. When I was visiting her in Boston, we decided to write each other more, since we rarely talk on the phone, and she’s sent me two lovely letters since then. There’s something about letter writing that I really like. It seems to encourage people to get […]