DIY Lanyard Bracelet

Does it take away from my crafter cred if I tell you that I had to have my boyfriend teach me how to make a lanyard? I always thought they were so cool – but somehow I missed the day when everyone in the world except for me learned how to make them. Luckily, 15 […]

Shopaholic: Blink

Something I’ve noticed about the blog community is that it can feel like the same shops/items get featured on blogs over and over again. If something shows up in one place, it’s sure to filter through about 10 different blogs over the next month, and it can get boring. There are a lot of good […]

Vintage Office Chair

My office is kind of the final frontier as far as styling my apartment goes. While every other room may not reach the pinnacle of design and function that I have envisioned – like, I’m not saying that my home is the ultimate place to live and be – I would say that for the […]

The Detail That Could Take Your Party To The Next Level

Alcohol! Just kidding! Today we’re going to talk about place cards. I designed these place cards (above) for a client’s bat mitzvah, and they really got me thinking about how it’s a detail that’s often overlooked, but can really make an event way better. When I have dinner parties, I usually get a little frazzled, […]

It’s Nice To Have Something Soft Underfoot

. Area rugs are one of those purchases that I always thought were kind of out of my reach. The rugs I like are usually super expensive, and what am I, some kind of millionaire? I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on a rug for a lot of reasons – what if […]

In the Kitchen: Graduation Coleslaw

My mom has a box of recipe cards that I’m fairly certain hold some of the world’s best recipes. That’s where most of our Christmas cookies, like the  Velvety Sugar Cookies, live, along with countless other delicious recipes. My favorite part about looking at recipes from that box is the fact that most of the […]

Currently Coveting: Chesterfields

I am so over our couch. It’s the Ikea classic, the Karlstad, and while this probably isn’t surprising to anyone else, the couch has not held up to wear and tear over the past couple of years very well. It’s saggy, I can’t even handle the chunky blonde legs (we have the ottoman too, and […]

Wire Rings

I’ve had kind of an obsession with thin wire rings lately. My friend Gabie gave me one when she got married, which is so special to me, and since then I’ve really loved the way they look. HowEVER, I’ve had a hard time finding rings that I like that aren’t super expensive, so I thought […]

Knitted Spiral Rib Hat

My brother is the kind of guy who bases his wardrobe around his school’s colors. For years, he was an NC State (my alma mater) mega-fan, and consequently, he wore a lot of red. Then, he ended up going to college somewhere with completely different school colors – green, which is scientifically the opposite of […]

Style File 01

As I take on some new clients, and start refining my process, I thought I would share some peeks into said process. One thing that I’ve learned is very important is that my clients and I need to be on the same page, visually. I’ve learned that creating a style board – a collection of […]