Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! Thanks for reading my blog and making me smile with your comments. I wuv you. Today I will be busy uh, living my normal life – with the addition of a cold that makes it look like I’m crying all the time. I probably shouldn’t go out in public, people will […]

Heart Mittens

I’m sure it’s probably because Valentine’s day is right around the corner, but I’ve been on a real heart kick lately. It’s such a cool shape – and there’s nothing like a bright red heart to really liven things up.   So, I decided to take a basic pair of mittens, and add a big […]

DIY Paper Mache Bowls

  Now that Christmas is over (way over) I can finally share some of my projects that I gifted! I saw these bowls on Pinterest, and I thought they’d make a perfect gift for a couple of my friends. I decided to use copper leaf instead of gold leaf, and it turns out it is […]

Styling the TV Stand

I posted about this on Instagram a few weeks ago -  I didn’t feel like the space next to my TV was looking very good. I liked all the pieces individually, but together it was a lot of brown. I was hesitant to add any more color, because I’ve been trying to keep this room […]

Fair Isle Knitted Hat

Fair Isle, or stranded, knitting blows my mind. It’s right up there with cables, things that I thought were reserved for super experienced knitters. I’m not sure what I thought qualified you to attempt fair isle knitting, but for a long time, I thought I lacked that qualification. I don’t know, maybe once you knitted […]

February Check In

I’m baaack! Did you miss me? I’m so excited – I have a ton of cool posts planned, so hopefully you like them! Thanks for reading. So, it appears that February is here.  I’ve been telling David that I think 2013 is going to be my year (or more specifically, I’ve been calling it the […]