Back in Business

You guys. It has been a WEEK. I wouldn’t say that it’s been a great experience, but I’m finally putting my life (and stuff) slowly back together, and getting excited! Although I think this will be easier to visualize when I can show photos, the construction that happened on the apartment means that we have […]

A Brief Update:

  Yep! See you next week!

Big Changes

Yes, that’s my brother. No, he isn’t in charge of this project, thank goodness. So, this week got a little interesting. A project that we’d been wanting to do for a while (that begins with ‘c’ and ends with ‘losets’) got bumped up, meaning that this week we moved half of our apartment into the […]

Office Dreaming

sources: rug, ice cream print, pencil cup, succulent photo, tray I’ve slowly started taking steps toward upgrading my office. I bought fabric for my chair (I was going to fix it up this weekend but it was too cold, BOO weather, BOO!) and I’m waffling between painting a wall in a coral ombre (like this) […]

Jess & Dawson Moving Announcements

Recently my friends Jessica and Dawson bought a house! How exciting is that! Something that isn’t so exciting is that it’s in California, and I live all the way over here in North Carolina, soo.. I’m not really sure why they’re buying property in Cali when they are clearly going to have to move back […]

Crane & Canopy – A Safe Night’s Sleep

Today I am excited to highlight a project that I worked on earlier this year. When Karin from Crane & Canopy contacted me about potentially doing some work for them – I was really excited. I loove bedding, and I think their company is awesome. Then she told me about the project – Crane & […]

Hurricane Hat

I believe we’re finally coming to the end of my knitted holiday gifts. This hat was really easy to knit, and I thought it had a cool detail beyond just being a regular beanie. I like patterns that have sequential elements – it’s really easy to count but also watch TV or talk to somebody […]

Style File 02

Today I’m going to share another style board that I’ve made recently for a client. We’re going to for a fresh, basic look – something very hand crafted and sort of woodsy. I’m excited to see this project come to life!