Mixtape 02 // New Day

¬†Click here to listen Mornings are hard – it takes me like 2 hours to fully wake up – so I thought I’d make a mix to put a little pep in your step when you first wake up. Enjoy! (Semi related: I cannot figure out how to properly use Spotify. I feel like I’m […]

Housewarming Fiesta!

My pal Liz just bought her first condo! Can I take a moment to publicly talk about how proud of her I am? She is legit making it in the big city all by herself, working in a fancy building and doing fancy things with her life, and while I am not surprised, I am […]

Real Talk!

It’s finally here – part two of Real Talk: When Clients Freak. If you haven’t signed up yet for Real Talk, my email newsletter that deals with the realities of the creative entrepreneurship lifestyle – warts and all, you can do so below – I’d love to have you join the conversation! Subscribe to Real […]

Friday Flowers

Gah, I love alliteration! So after dumping stupid Trader Joe, I decided to check out the Fresh Market for flowers, and boy did they not disappoint. I had a really hard time not buying one of everything! I ended up getting baby’s breath, a eucalyptus ‘medley’ (whatever that means) and tulips. I also snagged an […]


From left to right, top row: 1 2 3 middle 1¬†3 bottom 1 2 3 Now that I’m walking everywhere (which is going GREAT, being outside so much is really boosting my mood, and when you walk everywhere you get to buy new shoes because of comfort and style!) I’m finding myself in need of […]

Mixtape 01 // Stars & Strings

Listen here I have a confession to make – I have hated when bloggers post mix ‘tapes’ in the past. I thought it was dumb, and I didn’t listen to them. In fact, I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘music’ person. I mean sure, I played piano for 10 years, and sure, there are artists […]

Chair Update

Happy Monday! I am probably way too perky this afternoon – but I’m excited to share this project with you. I’ve had these weird green chairs for a while, and while I loved the shape, and actually I kind of loved the green fabric too, it just wasn’t doing a lot for my space. I’d […]

Let’s Talk About Clients Freaking Out

Happy Monday! (Oh my god that just gave me flashbacks to when there was someone in my life who would say that to me every. single. Monday – gross.) If you haven’t signed up for Real Talk yet, I think today is the day you should do it. I’m dishing on what I do when […]

Shop Feature: Tree Hollow Designs

I’m always on the look out for unique art for my home. Unfortunately, at this stage it’s mostly looking – my walls are maxed out! I was excited to come across Tree Hollow Designs – I love Jessica’s watercolor prints (especially that lil’ narwhal!) and it’s definitely worth clicking through to see her landscapes – […]

Food Obsessions Thursdays

1. Am I the only person who didn’t know how easy it was to make tomato sauce? I feel like a real dummy for paying 8 dollars a bottle for organic, low sugar pasta sauce when literally all you have to do is saute some garlic in butter, add a can of diced tomatoes ($1.67), […]