Friday Flowers

For this edition of friday flowers I’m using alstroemeria, spray mums, and ferns. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the second half of a bouquet I did a couple weeks ago! I’ve been experimenting with different vase shapes, and it’s cool to see how how simply using a different vase can result in a […]

Butter Home

Today I wanted to share a new project that recently went live – a new website for Butter Home! Butter Home sells unique home goods in Seattle, and Claire wanted a website that reflects its simple, modern aesthetic. Together we came up with an inviting website that showcases her products and promotes the Butter Home […]

Mixtape 04 /// Easy Breezy

Listen Here I actually tried to keep this mixtape on the more chill side, but I guess I’m just loving upbeat tunes lately! These songs all make me think of breezy spring days, and of sipping sparkling water on a picnic blanket. Enjoy!

Real Talk!

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that Real Talk is going out at 5, and if you’re interested in how my business is going, you should sign up for the email list! Subscribe to Real Talk!

Learning To Sew

I’m bad at relaxing. Well, that’s not true. If you take me out of my natural habitat (my apartment) I am super lazy, and will happily spend all day laying around doing nothing. When I’m at home it’s a different story, and it’s been on my mind lately. Whenever I have some free time, I […]

Friday Flowers

My mom is (of course) an amazing gardener, and since I’ve been doing this flower project, I’ve had a whole new appreciation for her beautiful garden. She was nice enough to let me scavenge around the yard and grab some flowers – which was such a treat. There was a lot going on in the […]

What I Ate – Margarita Edition

This past Sunday David and I hosted a Mother’s Day kid’s potluck. That is when all of the children bring food, and all the mothers involved (David’s mom and my mom) do not. We decided to have a taco bar, because when I was planning this it was close to Cinco De Mayo and I […]

Graduation Announcement

I thought I’d share a quick little project I worked on last month – Michelle was graduating and wanted a graduation announcement to commemorate her accomplishments. I am continually impressed by the graduates who find their way to my site – they are almost all doing amazing scientific, engineer-y things, and I get so excited […]

Mixtape 03 // up up up

Listen here Today’s mixtape has a little bit of everything – but I’ve been loving these songs when I’m working and I need something that’s upbeat but not distracting.  

What I’m Eating

1. Recently I ate the largest apple I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the size of my face. 2. I started eating low carb again because I totally fell off the wagon this winter, and apparently it’s not cute when your thighs explode out of your shorts like croissant dough. It hasn’t been […]