On Not Caring

What it is about summer that makes me seriously question every choice I’ve ever made? Does that happen to you, too? You may have noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent from my blog – that’s because a) I’ve been trying to get ahead on posts and ironically enough that means I don’t have time to […]

Mixtape 07 /// pep in your step

Lately I’ve been loving some upbeat, summery tunes, and everything Mumford and Sons. Since it would be boring to make a playlist that was just Mumford and Sons, I compiled a list of some of my other favorites. Just put this on and then do some of your favorite summer clich├ęs: going on a road […]

Three New Ways To Eat Feta

It’s time to talk food! After a few weeks of intense laziness, I’m back on the wagon and loving anything that comes in salad form, as you will soon see. 1. David and I hosted a Fourth of July gathering, and I was determined to make it a healthy meal. Because I’m super fun. We […]

Calligraphy Practice

Hello, my friends! Welcome back to calligraphy practice with Alison. It is also photo styling practice with Alison, as evidenced by the extreme amount of props. I was going for a more loosey goosey style with this quote, but I think I need to work on having a lighter touch during my upstrokes, since I’d […]