Maybe This Isn’t Meant To Be

Full disclosure: I wrote this post a couple months ago, and if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been sewing more since then. So don’t feel too bad for me – I think I should share the ups and downs of my creative attempts, so that’s why I’m posting this, even if it’s […]


When I was little, I loved the concept of reinvention. My favorite books were the ones where the heroine went away for a period of time, and came back completely different. Vacation was an opportunity to completely reinvent myself – I was always wishing we could go somewhere really exotic, like England, and I would […]

‘Simplicity’ Is A Lie

(sorry these pictures are crappy – figuring out how to take a non blurry photo of myself on my nice camera is beyond my capabilities at the moment) I finally started working on a for real sewing project! After completing my pillows, I was emboldened enough to move on to clothes. I took a trip […]

Somewhere Beyond The Sea…

You may remember when I hung these tea towels over my couch, and I was real excited about it. I was going to get them a frame and everything, which is big commitment in my book. Then I stenciled the wall, and I sure as hell wasn’t hanging those tea towels (or ANYTHING) up over […]

Calligraphy By Carrie

Maybe one of the reasons I’ve been so into calligraphy is because the last couple of months I’ve been working on some websites for calligraphers , websites that I can finally call ‘done’ and show you guys. Carrie is a fun lady with a fun style – and her last website was not reflecting her […]

Did It Myself Pillows

The pillows on my couch have been one of those things that I’ve been vaguely unhappy with for like years – but only recently found it within myself to change, after building it up to be this massive undertaking in my head. I wanted something more to scale in the room, and in a lovely […]