Bloggin’ Break

image courtesy of ooomf The other day I was talking to my friend Jessica about some of my favorite (and non favorite) bloggers. True life: blogger gossip is like celebrity gossip for us. Anyway, we were snarkin’ on our standbys, as usual, and I had this weird moment, like, what am I doing? Have you […]

New Dog Bed

So I kind of lied earlier this week… because I forgot about my most recent sewing success. It’s a dog bed! Caspian really likes to be with us (…I think), so we’ve always had a comfy dog bed out in the main room of our apartment. It was actually a cushion from an outdoor love […]

Make Some Cozy Shit

photos by: SAS interiors, the pinkbook, and Rikki Snyder Lately I’ve been feeling this need to make my house better. I think part of this is because I’ve been slackin’ all summer, and everything would benefit from a good cleaning out, but I think part of it is because I am just like every other […]

Sewing Update

I feel bad. I have all these sewing projects that I want to share with you guys, but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of them. And the reason is… I don’t feel like I’ve made anything that great yet. Sure, they actually resemble clothes, and technically they’re alright, but everything I put on […]

A lil spruce

It’s weird how one day something can seem like it represents you perfectly – and then the next day it’s all wrong. That’s how I felt with my website – one day it was great, and the next day I was like oh, God. How could I have possibly thought ANY OF THIS was a […]

Mac and Cheese, Please

SO. I really outdid myself on this one. Like… I’m going to try to be modest, but seriously – this is kind of a life changing idea that I came up with! All on my own. A quick disclaimer: If you eat normal food like a regular person, this is a great healthy-ish(the ish depends […]


I don’t know if this is something that is unique to my personality, or other people just don’t talk about it, but when I start working on gaining a skill, I either lose interest, or suddenly want to be the MASTER. That’s why I started trying to practice calligraphy once a week, and that’s why […]


Like every girl with an internet connection, I like Pinterest a lot. I love the eye candy. I love finding breathtakingly expensive shoes to drool over, the beautifully designed spaces that make me feel vaguely inadequate about my own living space, and I especially love the links that are like: 16 unexpected tricks to keep […]

Learn To Knit!

So, the last time I thought about knitting, I was like maybe I’ll open an Etsy shop! I bought a few skeins of yarn and then forgot about it for basically the whole summer. Typical. However now that we’ve had some lovely cool days, I’m thinking about fall, and more importantly, I’m feeling into the […]

making my own clothes

Transitional months are always a little tough for me. I want so badly to live in the moment and enjoy what I’m experiencing.. in this case, summer, but I’m also always looking forward to the season ahead. I have work really hard at staying in the present, and not fantasizing about the future, aka birthday/halloween/thanksgiving/fall […]