Sewed: A Khaki Anorak

One piece of clothing I really wanted for fall was a khaki anorak. I love how casual and cool they look, and I was ready for a break from my trench coat collection. While I was excited to find a pattern that would fit the bill, I was pretty nervous to actually get started on […]

5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

You would think because I am so into making stuff that Halloween would be my favorite holiday. You would be totally wrong. I love Halloween, but I’m not super into making costumes, mostly because if I’m going to put that much effort into making something, I’d like to be able to wear it more than […]

16 Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

It’s an indisputable fact that the best part about Halloween is the candy. I’m not really a sweets girl, but somehow that all goes out the window the last week of October, and suddenly I have a mysteriously vanishing candy bowl and there are no regrets. Unfortunately we don’t really get trick or treaters in […]

Halloween Drinks For Grown Ups

So, I’ll be honest with you – I initially was just going to do a roundup of drinks I found on Pinterest that fit in with a Halloween theme. After all, drinking at Halloween is the only redeeming factor of being too old to go ask for free candy without being pathetic. But for once, […]

50 Dollars For A T-Shirt?

I’ve been really excited to make myself some tops. It seems like the perfect project, you know? Just like, a couple pieces to cut out, a couple steps to follow, and presto! Success! Oh, me. Don’t you ever learn? I have had a string of shirt failures. Fabric issues, pattern issues, you name it, I’ve […]

It’s my party and I’ll make you read a recap if I want to

Hey! It’s my birthday! It’s kind of a big one, but nothing that big is happening, so I feel weird but also fine with it? I don’t know – there are a lot of feelings involved but it’s all going to be okay because age is just a number and not a countdown to when […]


For my second finished sewing project, I put together this blouse. I feel a little torn about it – I like the fabric I picked out a lot, and I like the top a lot in theory – but I haven’t found a lot to wear it with that doesn’t make me feel weirdly dressed […]

Rug Swap

Caspian may look like he doesn’t want his picture taken, but if that’s the case then maybe he should try not laying down directly in front of the camera. Juust sayin. I got my hands on a new rug for our living room. It wasn’t planned, but I hadn’t been super happy with our old […]

What a Sham

My bedroom is still feeling a little unfinished. Probably because it is. I want to add curtains, and I even had fabric for them, but the more I sit on it, the more I don’t think it’s quite right for the space, and I should just get some plain white fabric, instead. I also really […]

DIY Jeans, DIY Life

Okay, so I kind of spoiled myself on Instagram a while ago, but I was too excited to hold back – I made jeans! I made them with my hands! And a sewing machine! Let me back up – I was pretty down and out about my previous sewing failures. So down and out it […]