A quick note…

To say that things have been kind of busy, and I’m hungry all the time, and I’ve been hating everything I’ve written lately (probably because it’s all written in a state of hanger), so I’m taking a little break and I’ll be back in a couple weeks. Eat a cookie for me!

The Wedding!

this is the photo that best sums up our state of mind about our upcoming nuptials. So as you might imagine, I’m pretty pumped to get married. It is very strange to type out those words, as in my mind I’m still a total kid and nowhere near old enough to get married. It’s also […]

A Quickie Lack Hack

Happy Friday! The roughest week of the year is over – doesn’t it feel great to have that behind you? The whole transitioning-back-into-real-life thing has been especially rough for us as David has been battling some sort of illness that’s knocked him completely out of commission for way, way too long. He’s finally recovering, but […]

Aubrey and Brenton

Today I am bringing you some invitations I designed last year for Aubrey and Brenton. They were married in Cary, NC (you can see photos from their wedding here), and wanted an invitation suite that would be glamorous and autumnal, but not use traditional fall colors. We started with a photo Save The Date, and […]

Happy New Year!

photo via unsplash I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! Not to totally brag, but I had a really stellar 2013. I take any opportunity to reflect, so obviously I’ve been doing a lot of that recently, and I’m just trying to really slow down and appreciate what’s happened, and what’s happening. I […]