5 Days of Holidays

NOTE: I wrote this yesterday, and I THOUGHT I published it yesterday… but I did not! So consider this Monday’s post, just a little late.

For this week, (or the 5 days leading up to what I still refer to as break) I thought I’d talk about some of my family’s traditions and general holiday stuff. We are really into celebrating, and since we celebrate Hanukkah and open presents on Christmas, sometimes it can feel like December is one big party. I already talked about how my mom and I go on the home tour, but there are some other fun things we do as well.

(don’t watch the whole video – it is super long and not worth it – but it gives you a general idea of how this type of thing goes)

Extreme cookie baking is one of those traditions. My friend Laura and I used to go pretty crazy. We would bake for days at a time, and come out on the other side exhausted and the proud creators of hundred of cookies. I think we got up to 1000 at one point. It was delicious.  Although Laura and I haven’t always been able to bake together in the past few years, cookies have been an integral part of the holiday season. We have our traditional recipes that we only bring out during the holidays, and I’m usually in charge. I love to bake. I’m not a huge fan of cookies (I know..) but I find baking to be really fun, and it’s so rewarding when the house smells amazing.

This year was particularly fun, because Laura and I were able to bake together again! It was a much more relaxed activity this time, but somehow it was even more fun. We even observed some traditions within traditions, like burning some of the cookies.

It was such a fun time, because while some things were different (like Laura is engaged, David was along, and we enjoyed a nice cocktail while we baked) it all felt so familiar, and the same. My brother still came downstairs and stole hot cookies off the sheet, until we yelled at him, and we still talk about anything and everything while we bake.

  • Jessica G.

    I love baking cookies!! I baked about 150 this year :) What an awesome tradition to bake with a friend. I think I might be a little too OCD/controlling to manage that, haha. I’m sort of catching up on your blog/stalking you, and I also wanted to say that I love this new [to me] design!

    • lovecitron

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Haha, we are both a little ocd/controlling too, so things have definitely been tense from time to time. But I think after years of doing it, we’ve worked it out. I’m excited to catch up with you when you get back. :)