5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

5 last minute costume ideas

You would think because I am so into making stuff that Halloween would be my favorite holiday. You would be totally wrong. I love Halloween, but I’m not super into making costumes, mostly because if I’m going to put that much effort into making something, I’d like to be able to wear it more than once. This means that usually the day of whatever party we’re going to, I’m running around trying to put together a costume that’s cute, doesn’t cost a million bucks, and is easy to put together. If this sounds like you, don’t worry because I’ve gotcha this year. I’ve come up with 5 costumes that you probably mostly have, or could easily pick up at Wal Mart.

Wendy! Everyone’s favorite fast food mascot actually wouldn’t be that hard to dress up as – especially if you’re already rocking a stripey blue collared shirt. You could also make a wig out of yarn, and for bonus points I recommend stocking up on Wendy’s fries to pass out – you’ll make a lot of friends!




q tip

I thought of this one the other day in the shower, and I’m really into it. Just wear all white, and then wrap your head in white tulle. If you don’t have sweet furry boots, you could wrap each foot in tulle as well. Paint your face if you really want to commit. Simple, cheap and hilarious.


Biker Chick: I think what would really make this one is a sleeve of temporary tattoos. It would also be great if you could wheel a bike around all night – although I understand the logistics might be a little tricky. Either way, if you’re cooler than me you might have some of this stuff in your closet already, so you’d only have to buy tattoos.


Not gonna lie, I think this is really cute. I guess there’s a reason I’m a blogger. Don’t forget to put your hair in a top knot, cat eye your eyeliner, and carry around a pumpkin spice latte in your mason jar. Talk in abbrevs and occasionally shout ‘I could DIY that!’.


zombie bridesmaid

I saved the easiest for last. Have you been in a wedding? Do you have a dress hanging in your closet that you will never wear again? Bust it out! This is the perfect time to try out some zombie makeup techniques, and tease your hair and act like you want to eat people all night. Carry around a bouquet of dead flowers, or sticks, and get those blood spattered shoes for extra credit. (or don’t, because they’re 40 dollars…?!)