7 Organizing Tips & Tricks

7 unique organizing tips and tricks -

You guys, I have a goal for the end of 2013. And that goal is to kill it in December. Every year I come up with all of these ideas for fun holiday projects and activities, and every year I wait too long and I end up being stressed and doing everything last minute. Last year was a total bust because I was sick half the time, and we came home on January 2 to an apartment that looked like a clutter bomb went off. Super fun way to start the new year!

So this year, I am trying my hardest to be on it, and I need to start now. My first step is decluttering my house for the holidays (and life in general). David and I are lucky in that we usually get some cool presents over the holidays, and unlucky in that our apartment is teeny tiny and all that stuff means we’ve got some major organizing to do.

So, we decided to spend some time now going through our stuff and getting organized and decluttered. I especially need to do this in the office, as it’s gotten a little out of control and we are heading into prime craft season you guys. Craft season. Shit’s about to get real, and I need to stop losing my rulers and tape every day.

I obviously really love organizing because I am a total freak, but I do have a couple issues. One is that I can be kind of sentimental, so it’s hard for me to throw things away. But, I mean, do I really need to save all of my Martha Stewart Livings? Really, do I? Will I regret throwing them away? I kind of love them, but I also never look through them, and most of that content is online anyway. What’s it worth to me? I want to be ruthless, though, and get rid of everything that I don’t use, or don’t want.

The other issue is that I don’t want organizing to cost a lot of money, but sometimes it seems like you need to get a lot of stuff to organize your… stuff. I love the Container Store as much as the next person, but I reeeallly don’t need to spend 200 dollars to make my closet awesome.

I figured you guys might be the same way, so I found some cool stuff that hasn’t been floating around Pinterest forever,

1. Use tension rods in a box to store tape or ribbon I know the tension rod idea has been around for a while, but this is cool because you don’t have to have the exact right amount of wall space for it to work. I can see mounting a row of these on a wall to hold tape and ribbon for a wrapping station. It’s one of my dreams in life to have a dedicated wrapping station, and therefore not have to wrap presents on the floor/fight a fruitless battle against fur in tape.

2. Use twine for lightweight storage.   This is awesome, and I have a very particular use in mind for it. I have a red sled that I haven’t needed to use in about three years, but I don’t want to get rid of, because the minute I do it will snow and then I will be sled less. Yes, I am an adult woman, but if it snows here, you go sledding. That’s the rule. It’s currently behind the office door, but I could do a string thing like this in a closet, I think, and maximize my storage/not have to look at it every day.

3. How to store your hairdryer. I’m kind of obsessed with Alejandra. This is so smart.

4. Use tote bags instead of boxes. What! Yes! Unfortunately I am not a preppy millionaire so I don’t have a bunch of these specific tote bags just laying around (does anyone? what’s that like?), but I love the idea of storing more temporary things in bags. I always have library books waiting to go back to the library – I could just put them in a cute bag on a shelf instead of letting them float around. We could keep a tote bag by the door for all the stuff we need to take out to the car. Maybe then we’d actually take it out to the car when we’re supposed to. And I’m definitely getting a bag for the Goodwill pile.

5. How to make your own boot storage. I have been looking for a way to store my boots because currently they are stored on the floor in piles, which I’m pretty sure is not good for them. I also keep rediscovering pairs that I forgot I owned – not great. This could go in the back of my closet – it is super cheap, too!

6. Put a piece of plywood on a slider to get more access in your base cabinets. We have some really deep cabinets – I love the idea of making them easier to access/not paying one million dollars for some ‘custom cabinet solution’. That website has a lot of really cool DIY ideas. It might be out of my skill set for now – but someday I’ll be handy and have my own tools. Just wait.

7. Store accessories in wire baskets. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this – it’s really simple and would allow me to see my stuff, instead of losing it in a big box.

Are you inspired yet? I am really excited to get started organizing – I’m not proud of this but our coat closet is currently so jam packed that if you open the door big pieces of cardboard will fall on your head. It’s been that way for a while – I’m ready for it to become a functional space again.



  • Kathleen

    Wow those are some fantastic tips! Thank you:))

  • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

    I think out of everything I found, that one was the most exciting to me. I like clutter minefield! All it takes is one stray piece of paper…

  • Cassie Irwin

    love these. very into the wire baskets.

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