A Saturday Post

head on desk

I don’t often feel like I hate my job, but yesterday sucked. It wasn’t any one thing, more a combination of having to answer lots of emails (something that’s unfortunately necessary) reaching a perfect storm type point in all of my projects where I’m doing mostly tedious, non design work, and making a mistake that resulted in a HUGE setback in my schedule. It’s days like that when I feel like maybe I’ve made a huge mistake, and that I will never be successful, or able to get through a project without messing everything up again.

Luckily this week, I read my blog friend Shelley Easter’s post about lightening up, and I’ve really been trying to keep that in my mind. My mistake is not the end of the world, it just means a little work on a Saturday, and the weird project point will pass. Everything will be okay.

  • http://shelleyeaster.com Shelley

    aw, hug! everything will be ok. You’re great at what you do.