A Trip Outside

We Went To The Park! from Alison Citron on Vimeo.

Last week, David and I realized that we were at our 2 and a half year dating anniversary. We’re not really big on celebrating relationship milestones like that – it’s not a big surprise that we ‘made it’ another month or year or anything – but it just happened to work out that we didn’t have any plans that night. After almost getting into a fight about what to do for dinner (I’m really not pleasant when I’m hungry) we decided to hit up a park that serves local and organic food!

My favorite part was feeding the ducks – there were only three or four, but this enormous flock  of geese showed up out of nowhere, and it was a little scary.

For the rest you’ll have to watch the video! I want to start trying to make more videos – it’s one of my favorite mediums. I took this on my iPhone, not realizing it would be horizontal so.. I feel dumb, but let’s all pretend it was a stylistic choice.

  • http://signedzero.com Nathan

    That was well done. What did you make it in?

    • lovecitron

      Thanks, Nathan! I made it in iMovie.