An Airy & Light Bedroom

boy nightstand

I finally, (FINALLY) took some photos of my ‘new’ bedroom! Before we get started, a few disclaimers. Okay, just one disclaimer. It’s really hard to take a good picture of my bedroom. It’s pretty small, and I don’t have a wide-angle lens, so this is about the best I can do right now.  Also, here’s what my bedroom used to look like.

Anyway, I thought a lot about what I wanted my bedroom to be, and while it was tempting for me to go for dark and dramatic, I decided that light, airy and minimal would be really, really nice. (And before you start making ‘free David’ t-shirts, we talk about all of this stuff before I go for it – but I think he also realizes that I care way, way more than he does so he’s nice and pretty much lets me do whatever I want.) Maybe you remember this post about some inspiring bedrooms?


So we switched up the layout, and painted it white. I love it. It literally glows in the afternoon, and it’s such a calming, peaceful place to be. We got rid of the IKEA dresser, because there was too much furniture for the room, and I kept the art in the room to a bare minimum. It looks a little sparse, but hopefully as I continue to put the finishing touches on, it will feel more finished.


I still love the yellow painting, and how it reflects even more light into the room. I also love the lamp on David’s bedside table – although eventually it would be cool to get him a ‘real’ bedside table – that’s just something we had around, since we were using dressers before.

flea market dresser

This dresser is near the foot of the bed. I got it from a flea market (I think..) about a million years ago, and I still love it. The shape is just so nice, and it’s solid and well made. Some day it might be good to get it refinished, but for now I’m kind of digging the weathered look. I keep my jewels on top of it. I don’t love how the jewelry box alllmost matches the dresser but I haven’t found anything better/cared enough yet. I’d love some sort of laquered deal though – I’m running out of space.



Probably the biggest change is the new clooosets! I made a little collage so you could get the full effect. We connected the office and bedroom closet to go from one teeny tiny closet to two regular size closets, with a little linen closet in the middle. It is wonderful. I have my very own closet all to myself, and the only stuff I have to keep in it is my clothing. We still want to put handles on the middle doors (we’re thinking these leather pulls would look preeetty sick), but even with that little detail to finish up, it’s been great.

So what’s left?


I’m glad you asked! I really want to put a round mirror over the dresser. A big one. This mirror is great, but I am allergic to paying that much for a mirror, so I’m just keeping an eye out at the flea market, etc.


I also want to add curtains. I hate the wood blinds that we currently have (so dirty, so annoying, so light blocking) and I think adding a little softness to the room would be very nice. I actually have fabric and everything, so all I have to do is make them. Wish me luck.

Other updates include working with the pillows on the bed (I think the shams would look good in white, and I don’t love the white pillows – we have a million pillows and they’re kind of floppy looking), and maybe adding a bench and a sheepskin rug at the foot of the bed. But to be honest- I’m pretty happy with the way things are now, too.

Have you been doing any upgrades around your house? Does it also take you forever to get rooms looking decent? Tell me about it!