All I Need Is Lasagna and Annoying Guy Named Jon

knitting, knitted hat, green wool

UGH! Mondays, am I right?

But seriously, this has to be the worst return-to-reality Monday of the year, as this is my first full work week in a while, and after over a month of fun, it is time to get back to work, in every sense of the word.

I spent basically the entire weekend cleaning and organizing. The apartment was insanely messy, and I’m trying a new thing where I go grocery shopping on Sundays, and then prep as much of the food as I can ahead of time. Hopefully doing a lot of the work up front will mean that even when I’m feeling lazy (most of the time) I can eat healthier. HowEVER, that meant that I spent like 4 hours yesterday chopping vegetables, and after excitedly using my new crockpot, sat down to a bowl of the spiciest chicken tikka masala I’ve ever had. You win some, you burn your tastebuds off in the name of not wasting food.

In all honesty, I’m glad things are slowing down, and returning to normal. It’s nice not having every minute planned out, and I’m excited to do some craft projects that aren’t presents. I mean, I love making presents, but it’s a lot of pressure when you’re like “oh shit, this better look amazing, or else my intended recipient will think I hate them or something.”

I’m also excited to do some knitting that doesn’t have a deadline. In fact, I made a new Pinterest board to keep track of my ideas. I want to knit pillows for my couch (and maybe my bed?) and I think a big knitted throw would be nice and cozy. I also want to make stockings for holiday decorations next year.

I know this would be a gift, so it goes against everything I just said, but aren’t these stocking caps so adorable? I have a million little cousinlets running around (what do you call your cousin’s child? Second cousin? First cousin once removed?) and I think that making them all ridiculous stocking caps with my leftover yarn sounds like an excellent plan.

Does anyone else have projects that they’re looking forward to working on now that the holidays are over and life is boring again?