An Update, In List Form

1. I promised myself I wouldn’t become a blogger cliche and talk about that thing that rhymes with ‘Smaylight Shavings Lime’ but on an unrelated note, I feel like a zombie and have been really sad that it gets dark before I’m done working.

2. I cannot even handle this election. There’s a reason I never played competitive sports – (well, mostly because I’m not super athletic, but the other reason is:) I get sooo nervous, and I hate waiting to find out results! Last election, I was by myself waiting to hear the results, which was kind of weird since elections are basically one big group event. At least this year I don’t have to be alone if I don’t want to, and I can have a drink (or six) to calm my nerves!

3. My best friend from childhood got married this weekend! I couldn’t be happier for her – she’s marrying exactly the kind of guy I would have picked for her, and I know they will be so happy together. I made a slideshow for their rehearsal dinner – and putting it together was kind of an emotional process. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that things haven’t always been exactly the way that they are now, and looking through old photos reminded me that there was a time when we used to talk every day, and have crazy sleepovers, and plan trips to the mall with military precision because someone’s mom would be on a schedule, and wouldn’t it be so cool when we could drive ourselves? Even though in a way that seems very long ago, whenever I see her it’s like I’m 14 again and she’s still right up the street instead of halfway across the country.

4. This reminds me – she’s the one who introduced me to David! They went to high school together, and I actually remember her talking about him in high school, years before I’d meet him.

5. I’m officially using this blog post as a way to procrastinate on working on my new website. I swear, I’m such a flip flopper when it comes to my own work! There should be a system where designers can trade services so they never have to design their own materials.  Because this is getting a little ridiculous.


  • Naomi

    I am fully behind you on item 5! Whatever happened to the barter system?

    • lovecitron

      I don’t know, but I miss it!

  • Rachel

    Ahhhh, I felt the exact same way about the election! My problem (with both sports and election night) is that I get SO competitive and emotionally invested in whatever it going on that if the outcome is not what I was hoping for, I am DEVASTATED. With sports, I know it ultimately doesn’t matter, but this election actually meant something. I’m so glad it’s over. =]