Animals Wearing Clothes

berkley illustration

All images copyright Berkley Illustration. Click the image to visit the listing!

The other day, David and I were in one of our favorite downtown bars, sipping on Old Fashioneds (well, at least I was) and ogling the artwork. They had these really whimsical animal illustrations on the walls, and if I hadn’t known about six different people in that bar, I probably would have grabbed one off the wall and made a run for it.

Cut to the other day, when I was cruising Etsy trying to beef up my card collection. Side note: I so want to be one of those people with a card for every occasion, who always gets them out on time, but actually I am the person who gives their friend a birthday card a month late. Anyway, I stumbled upon Berkley Illustration, and promptly began freaking out, because their work was reminiscent of the bar art, except way better.

berkley illustration

The technical skill in these drawings is excellent, and the subject matter is simply adorable. You can’t help but smile when you look at them. My favorite is probably a tie between the giraffe and the wolf, but you should really go look at them all. Be sure to read the item descriptions, because they’re kind of hilarious.

I think they’d look great hung in a grid in oval frames, like your home has some sort of animal board of directors, but I could also see them being cute in a child’s room.

berkley illustration

When I have more money, I totally want to commission a portrait of Caspian. I think he’s well suited to the style. Visit Berkley Illustration here. They have a ton of adorable animals!

dog wearing checked shirt

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I will be spending it with my extended family, celebrating my baby brother’s graduation! I can’t believe he’s old enough to graduate blah blah blah time flies like the wind. It should be fun. What are your weekend plans?