What I Ate – Margarita Edition

margarita recipes


This past Sunday David and I hosted a Mother’s Day kid’s potluck. That is when all of the children bring food, and all the mothers involved (David’s mom and my mom) do not. We decided to have a taco bar, because when I was planning this it was close to Cinco De Mayo and I felt like eating tacos and drinking margaritas.

We were in charge of drinks, so I thought we could have three different kinds of margaritas, you know, to give people options! I actually made use of my cocktail pinterest board, and found recipes for grapefruit margaritas, and peach margaritas, and we just used our old standby for regular flavored margaritas.

Fair warning, I don’t like my beverages to be very sugary, and so the grapefruit and regular margaritas were definitely more on the tart side – the peach ones were way too sweet for my taste. I peeled the peaches and roasted them a little bit, since they were under-ripe, and I think it turned out pretty tasty! We don’t have a blender, so we ran a bunch of ice through the food processor, and it was like drinking delicious, alcoholic snow cones. I highly, highly recommend it.

Also, I learned something interesting about tequila! ‘Real’ tequila will say 100% agave on the bottle. We used to always get Jose Cuervo – until we noticed that is not made with 100% agave. The bottle just says ‘made with agave’. Once you know to look for that, it’s easy to know which kind of tequila will taste better, so keep your eyes open. We got the bottle with the coolest label, because of course I wanted that, and it’s working out pretty well – the brand is Espolón, and it is tasty! If you’re interested in learning more about how to know if you’re purchasing a good quality tequila, here is a tequila label breakdown.

Truth Serum Margaritas (at least… that’s what my cousins call them)

2 parts tequila
1 part fresh squeezed lime juice (make sure it’s fresh squeezed – it’s very, very important)
1 part triple sec
You can add some simple syrup if that’s too tart for you, but the triple sec offsets the sour of the lime just enough for me!

Mix everything together, serve over crushed ice, get ready to tell all your secrets.