What I Ate

latte art

1. I just got back from a little trip up to Boston, and this post should be more accurately titled: What I didn’t eat. We enjoyed ice cream almost every night from JP Lick’s , hit up the Sam Adam’s brewery tour, went back to Render Coffee because it’s just that good, and ate at a bunch of deeelish restaurants – but I don’t remember the names of any of them. It was a fun trip for a lot of reasons (which I’ll post about tomorrow) but food-wise it was reeeal fun.

2. I’ve been real into cappuccinos lately. I’m not sure what started it – maybe it’s because they have less milk (and I hate milk?) but that’s my new go-to drink. Especially with cinnamon. Journey back to the early 90s with me, and try one!

3. Now that it’s officially summer, I’ve been trying to be a little more relaxed about meal times. This includes making big quantities of stuff and just eating off of it for a while, a plan that sometimes backfires since I can’t get a grip on portion sizes, and we either end up with just enough for one meal, or a giant bowl of food that we’ll be eating off of until the end of the year.

Despite that, it’s been really nice not having to come up with a whole new meal every day, and I’ve been getting creative. Something I was super into last year, and am now into again is tomato tuna melts. You take a small tomato, hollow it out, put some tuna salad in it, top it with some cheese and broil it until the cheese is melty. Soooo good.

4. Some other foods on the roster for this week are this blt salad and this toasted coconut lettuce wrap deal. I’m all about some veggies.

5. Speaking of veggies, do you guys ever eat butter lettuce? Am I the last to be on that bandwagon? It is so much better than regular lettuce, because it is soft and melty like butter. I like my lettuce tender.