Back in Business

getting there

You guys. It has been a WEEK. I wouldn’t say that it’s been a great experience, but I’m finally putting my life (and stuff) slowly back together, and getting excited!

Although I think this will be easier to visualize when I can show photos, the construction that happened on the apartment means that we have at least double the closet space now, but it also meant I had to move everything out of the bedroom and the office and live in a pile of my belongings for a week. It wasn’t too bad, but since I work from home, it was a little stressful to be spending all of my time on my bed, and have really cluttered, dusty surroundings, and put shoes on to use the bathroom.

I like to think that I’m the kind of person who can stay cool under pressure, and handle anything that’s going on in my life, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. It turns out… I’m not. I was a huge baby throughout this entire thing, and this is a positive, exciting experience! I love sitting at my new desk, in my new, clean(ish.. we’ll get there) office, and I ESPECIALLY love that I don’t have to share a closet with David any more. But I’ve been doing a lot of whining about how much I hate living in a messy apartment (spoiler alert, I really hate it) and how I can’t handle all the SMELLS (in my defense, it smells like paint fumes and onions. Apparently, you can chop up an onion to soak up the paint smell but in reality it just really strongly smells of onion, to mask the paint smell. Which is worse, and makes you seem like a big weirdo when people come over and you’re like welcome to our hoarder pile that inexplicably smells like onions.)

Anyway. This has clearly been a week of personal growth, where I realize some ugly truths about myself, and also realize how bad everyone should feel for David because he has to talk to me every day.  Let’s all hope that when I have to experience actual hardship I’ll rise to the occasion a little better.

The good news is, being out of my comfort zone means I’ve had a ton of really great ideas that I’m so excited to implement over the next couple of weeks. Most of them are work related, and I have to say that I’m really nerdily excited for the upcoming couple of months, because I don’t think we’ll have too much going on, and I’m going to get so much done.

As atonement for all of the whining I’ve done over the past couple of days, I’d like to open up this comments section as an anything goes whine zone. If there’s anything in your life that’s inconveniencing you even slightly – get it off your chest here, and I promise to provide sympathy and reassure you that you aren’t being ridiculous, sometimes life can be hard.

  • Jessica

    My whines:
    - We moved into an amazing new house and I’m too lazy to paint the three rooms that “need” it. I refuse to actually hang things (art, photos, shelves) on the walls until after we paint, but I also complain that the clutter “really stresses me out”.

    - We are traveling this weekend and decided not to buy groceries this week, which means I have no snacks (wahh) or coconut water (double wahhh). It also means we are having breakfast for dinner every night this week…which is getting old, and it’s only noon on Tuesday.

    - I actually have too much freelance/work for friends/work for family to do right now. And I want to do all of it, but I’m too busy procrastinating on painting my house.

    There you go! Thanks for letting me vent to someone other than my husband!

    • Alison Citron

      Painting is the worst! It always takes twice as long as you think it will, and I totally understand why you would procrastinate on it. I suggest throwing everything away, then it will be clutter-free and you will never have to paint. :) We try to skip grocery trips too, and I always think it will be a great way to clean out the kitchen and then I get really tired of eating weird food and we just get takeout a lot… These problems are legit! I like to say I’d help you paint if I lived closer but let’s be real – I’m never painting anything again.