I got my hair cut yesterday. I don’t get it cut very often, because it is long and curly, and I like the messy look. But, I got bored recently and decided to mix it up, and try out some bangs! I’ve done the dramatic chop off thing a couple times, and it always lets me down. This is because I am literally the laziest person ever when it comes to my hair (I don’t even brush it most days) and when it’s short, I just look like a homeless Shirley Temple. So since that’s not really an option, this is probably the most dramatic thing I could do to my hair, besides dye it. I do want to get colored tips one day, but I’m waiting until it’s super long and I can cut them off when I’m tired of the look. So, not for a while.

This is my before picture. This is also honestly what I look like most days, which is pretty humbling for me.

I’m not sure what people did for hair inspiration before Pinterest. It’s like a cornucopia of good hair over there! I found a ton of images I loved. My top three are below. (By the way, you should really check out the beauty department, if you are like me and interested in girly stuff. At first I was like ehh… Lauren Conrad, but now I’m completely into it. Their tutorials are the best.)

Image Via The Beauty Department – via Pinterest

Image Via The Beauty Department – via pinterest


Image Via Pinterest


Basically, I wanted something that went with my messy, curly hair, and would be relatively low maintenance. I also wanted something that made my head look less weird when I wore it pulled back, which is about 100% of the time. This is what I got:

I’m really happy with them. It always takes me a couple days to get adjusted to a new look, but I’ve been having tons of fun just playing around with it.

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