Bedroom Curtains?

grey linen curtains in a bright white bedroom with yellow accents

Something exciting happened last Friday. I learned some grey linen curtains were up for grabs (my mom had made them and didn’t want them any more, my house is basically decorated in her hand me downs, I’m adult, it’s fine.) I have been putting off making curtains for my room for a while now, and this seemed like a perfect fit. Something even more exciting that happened was we were able to actually go to the store and get a curtain rod AND hang the curtains the next day. I’ve been on this kick of alternately wanting to clean all the things or do absolutely nothing, which means we are getting stuff done in short bursts. I blame the time change.

So, when we were at Lowe’s picking out curtain rods, I had my heart set on brass, and this leafy one was all I could find. The more I looked at it the more it grew on me? I think? On the one hand, I like how it’s a little organic and whimsical, it’s definitely more of a detail than a major part of the room, and nobody goes back there anyway, so the only people who see it on the reg are me and David and Caspian. On the other hand, is it hideous and dated and I’m just not seeing it?

grey linen curtains in a bright white bedroom with yellow accents

I’m trying to take more risks when I’m decorating because seriously? It’s a house, who cares, and if you don’t go big you might as well go home. Nothing I do is permanent, so what’s the harm in trying it? I guess I just feel a little weird about these new curtains because I had this vision of doing soft white and keeping everything really airy, and these are the opposite of that. The curtains add a lot of visual impact, and I think it’s a pretty elegant look – it’s just not what I had been thinking I’d go with.

So, what do you think? A couple things to keep in mind – I’m switching those yellow shams to something white, the nightstands are not permanent or styled (I’d like to get something with a drawer for David’s side, I just haven’t found anything yet) and I want to do something like this or this over the dresser, so it will tie in the gold a bit more. (PS – follow me on Pinterest! It’s fun!) Am I crazy for liking those curtain rods? My trusted interior advisers both voted no so… it won’t hurt my feelings if you hate them, too.