bridesmaid advice


Alison: Ah yes, the bachelorette party. This is probably one of the aspects of bridesmaiding (I think that works well as a verb) that I’m most excited about. I love planning parties, and I enjoy going out to bars, so this seems like a great way to combine the two.  I don’t feel very qualified to give advice on this topic yet… since I’ve never been to a bachelorette party! I do however, love the idea of a fun night out with ya girls, and you know I am all about some adorable favors and games.

Jessica: This is an interesting topic for me, because my bachelorette party caused some drama and ended up being very unconventional. I live in LA, and all of my bridesmaids (and most of my friends) were on the east coast. This was, obviously, a problem for the bachelorette party – so we ended up doing a very small (4 people total, including a guy friend) mini party Las Vegas for a weekend. And yes, there were penis balloons, but I really can’t say anything else (we were in Vegas…).

Alison: The only thing I’ve noticed as far as planning goes is that it can be tricky when you’re working with a larger group of girls to actually set any plans. When you’re dealing with the old group email, everyone can be really positive (great!) but also hesitant to actually make a decision. It might be helpful to suggest to the maid of honor (or whoever has taken the lead in planning) making a list of all the things that you need to do (invitations, favors, figuring out transportation, figuring out where you are going to go, planning the flow of the night, gifts for the bride) and divvying them up at the beginning, so everyone knows what they are in charge of.

Jessica: My best advice is to just go with the flow as to what the bride wants. Some girls are into the crazy night out, some girls (like me) really just want to go to a spa and drink wine and people watch in Vegas. I definitely appreciated the cheesy part, though. I think the big thing is just celebrating with the girls (or maybe guys too). Things to avoid: really embarrassing photos, illegal things, talking about why you think people shouldn’t get married, getting really embarrassingly drunk, crying…you know, kind of your basic party etiquette.

Alison: I’ve also made a board on Pinterest with some cute ideas that could work for any kind of bachelorette party. I love the idea of handing out ring pops at the beginning of the night. I also think it would be fun to get some disposable cameras to pass around as the night goes on. I’ve done that at several of the parties I’ve hosted, and the photos are always fun to look at, and you can send digital copies to everyone involved! You could also make a scrapbook with the originals for the bride-to-be, if you’re an overachiever.