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Bachelorette party gifts are a tricky road to navigate. Of course, there’s the standard inappropriate, penis shaped stuff, but what if you have a bride who doesn’t think that’s funny? Or what if you are more practical, like me, and hate to spend your money on joke gifts that have no possible use after the party is over? Jessica and I found some fun things to make the party better, or to give to the bride as a special gift for her to remember the event by.

Jessica’s Picks:

Ring Pops – Too cute not to give as favors

Hanky Panky Panties
I’ve heard good things about these (mainly from Capitol Hill Style)

What Happened Last Night bandages – cute, fun little party giveaways

Embarrassing Photo Sunglasses - if you’re going to take photos, make them seem more scandalous with these!

Lands End Tote Bag – I’m a huge fan of my (giant) Lands End tote. They’re under $30, even with getting them monogrammed, and there are enough color combinations that you can find something for everyone. These are super practical and perfect for brides or bridesmaids.

Champagne – if there was ever a time to drink rose champagne, this is it!

Girl’s Night Out Table Topics – This game would be great if all the attendees don’t know each other – plus its discreet enough that you could totally whip it out at a bar.

Diamond Paperweight – maybe just a little extra bling for everyone?


Alison’s Picks:

The giant diamond ring key chains are hilarious, and definitely cheaper than a real rock. They’d be a great gift for all of the bridesmaids who put the event together.

The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty is a great joke gift – and I’m sure it is an entertaining read!

The adult silly bandz would be good props for a drinking game. Maybe you get one for every drink you finish, and whoever has the most at the end of the night wins! (Or loses, depending on how sick they feel later…)

The glasses and mustache photo props would make your pictures infinitely more hilarious.

If it’s a lingerie party, give your bride something classic and pretty - that she wouldn’t be embarrassed to open in front of her sister or mom.

Every bride can use some pampering. After all, planning a wedding is stressful. Give her permission to treat herself with the Philosophy bath kit.

These mustache straw attachments are adorable.

This lipstick has a dirty secret…

If you hand out disposable cameras at the beginning of the night, you are guaranteed some great shots by the end of the night – perfect for the photo album you’ll be giving the bride at a later date.

She IS tying the knot, so these knot earrings are pretty, and right on theme.

Keep your extra drinks in this girly flask, and you’ll always be prepared!


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