Big Changes

giant hole in wall

Yes, that’s my brother. No, he isn’t in charge of this project, thank goodness.

So, this week got a little interesting. A project that we’d been wanting to do for a while (that begins with ‘c’ and ends with ‘losets’) got bumped up, meaning that this week we moved half of our apartment into the other half, and I’m currently writing this from my mattress on the family room floor, staring down a giant pile of STUFF.

girl on bed with laptop and phone

This is my life now… Sorry for the awful photos, my real camera is currently MIA. (because it’s someone in my giant hoarders style pile of stuff.)

So, posting might be a little spotty for the next week or so, as my office is currently mattress-sized and there is a LOT of painting in my future. I’m still really excited!