Blog Break Thoughts

As you may remember, I took a break from reading blogs and general internet procrastination for the month of October. I actually stuck with it for most of the month, although I did start reading blogs again a couple days before October ended.

It seemed like kind of a silly thing to make such a big deal about, but I have found that in some ways it’s had a big impact. I definitely don’t get on Facebook nearly as much as I used to, and I never put the app back on my phone. I just don’t miss it. I think my plan right now is to do a slow fade, and whittle my friends list down to like, family and people I actually care about keeping up with. The thing about Facebook is, it feels so mean to unfriend people when you don’t actually harbor any ill will toward them, but honestly I find keeping up with people through twitter and Instagram is so much nicer.

I have also found that I spend a lot less time on blogs, and I did prune those down to only blogs that I genuinely look forward to reading. It’s nice – I really like blogs (obviously) so it’s fun to be excited to read everything that comes through my feed.

Overall it was a really positive experience. I didn’t miss it nearly as much as I thought I would, and I feel a lot better about my usage. That being said, I am still pretty good at procrastinating, so taking a break didn’t solve that problem nearly as much as I would have hoped, although my procrastination does tend to take more productive outlets, like present shopping, or solving organizational problems.

I’m not sure how to wrap this up. This didn’t end up being life changing or anything, but I’m glad I did it, and I wanted to follow up, since I talked about it previously. I do think that being more intentional about the way I spend my time is something that I should continue to work on. It’s so easy to lose an hour on Pinterest, but is that really going to get me closer to my ideal life? Actually, probably yes, since Pinterest has a lot of awesome ideas and inspiration, but my point is that I’m kind of imagining my perfect day, and it doesn’t involve hours lost internet surfing. So, I should be conscious of that and try to curb that habit, and read a book or something.

If you have any great tips on how to not procrastinate, leave em in the comments. I am suuper bad at that, especially when there’s something I don’t want to do, and sometimes I wish I could just hire some stern looking person to sit in a corner and yell at me when I start to wander off my appointed task.

  • KaezarRex

    I had a blog-reading experience similar to your Facebook one. After Google Reader was closed, I tried using Feedly to read blogs. I never got into the habit of using the Feedly app on my phone, and I quickly stopped reading blogs as much as before. Now I’m down to only following the blogs I really care about through Twitter, and I spend way less time sifting through hundreds of boring posts each week.

    • Alison Citron

      yeah! why do we DO that? it’s like it almost becomes a chore, except there is absolutely no reason to get through all that.

  • lacey

    hahaha. your humor. it slays me. taking a break from social media is such a refreshing experience! i find myself browsing facebook feeds and pinterest long after i am bored with them simply out of habit (and because i am avoiding taking a shower). i took several months off facebook earlier in the year, and it helped me realize i didn’t need it/use it nearly as much as i was. it might be something good for me to do once a year? my #1 tip for not procrastinating: a cookie reward.

    • Alison Citron

      hahaha! I use pinterest and facebook to procrastinate on showering too! Facebook breaks are good for general well-being, I think – I feel so much happier when I’m not on it all the time.

  • Gabrielle

    Ok, so it’s kind of funny that I’m leaving a comment to tell you that one of the biggest ways I procrastinate on the internet is actually…wait for it…reading through the comments. Sometimes it’s great, and I learn a lot from reading comments, especially if it’s a post where the author asks a question to the readers (like you just did). However, sometimes I find myself reading through really horrible comments on blogs or instagram feeds that just don’t matter. Actually, half the time, the comments make me start to loose hope in humanity and I have to pull myself away from the insanity! It has to stop! This is the same way I would waste time on facebook when I had it. Reading through mostly pointless updates, just to find one or two things that are actually worth reading. I guess that makes me sound all high and mighty, but I’ve made a solid effort to stick to the posts and not get too bogged down on reader reactions.
    One way I fight off procrastination is to listen to music while I work, clean, craft, etc. Put on an album or playlist and don’t stop what you’re doing until the music stops. Once it ends, take a break. Music helps me get pumped up anyways, plus it’s nice that I can use it as a timer. I’m pretty sure I got that piece of advice from my “Girl’s Life” magazine when I was 10 years old. Still works.