Bloggin’ Break

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The other day I was talking to my friend Jessica about some of my favorite (and non favorite) bloggers. True life: blogger gossip is like celebrity gossip for us. Anyway, we were snarkin’ on our standbys, as usual, and I had this weird moment, like, what am I doing?

Have you ever had that? You’re just boppin’ along doing something, and then suddenly there’s this little voice in your head like, this is it. This is what you’re doing with your life. I have that moment a lot when I’m playing Candy Crush.

There’s a lot I like about reading other people’s blogs. Blogs are this crazy amazing medium where you get to peek into someone else’s life. They can be inspiring, teach you new things, show you delicious new recipes, make you feel like you’re not the only one going through something, and offer valuable advice.

But there’s a lot I don’t like, too. They can make me feel envious, or focus too much on the material things I don’t have. I can get frustrated comparing my own progress to another blogger, and I’m realizing that some people I’m just following out of habit. Like… this is my life. I don’t want to spend any part of my life reading about some stranger dithering over whether or not to buy a couch.

So… back to my conversation with Jessica. I started wondering what my life would look like if I took a partial break from the internet. No blogs, no Facebook, no Buzzfeed. It doesn’t feel like I spend a lot of time on that stuff, but I’m sure I do. Like, what would I do instead? It actually sounds really appealing. I was watching that Louis C.K. clip about why he doesn’t want to give his daughters cell phones, and it resonated. I hate clutter in my home, but I’m inviting clutter into my brain? That’s all this is – clutter.

I don’t want to give up reading all blogs, forever. But I do want to break the habit of wasting time with them. I’d rather spend 20 minutes once a week reading blogs and genuinely enjoying it then waste hours mindlessly checking Feedly just because I don’t want to like, write an email.

So here’s my plan. Starting tomorrow, for the month of October, I’m giving up reading all blogs, I’m taking Buzzfeed off my phone, and I’m deactivating my Facebook account. Cold turkey. I’m also pruning my twitter and Instagram to the people who I really, truly enjoy following. Everyone else gets the axe. At the end of October I’m unfollowing all of the blogs that I either forgot about, or don’t care to catch up with. The hope is at that point I’ll be in the habit of doing other stuff, so it won’t take such a prominent place in my internet life.

This is it, guys. This is life. Am I going to spend it reading about what other people do, or go out and make my own memories?

JK I’ll probably just end up even more addicted to candy crush. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Kathleen

    I will miss your blog but you have some interesting points. You have inspired me to evaluate what I am reading these days and why :)
    I will look forward to hearing how this turns out.

    • Alison Citron

      Oh, I’m not taking a break from posting on this blog, just reading other blogs! I’m actually looking forward to having more time to work on projects for my blog, now that I won’t be reading other blogs. :)

  • lacey

    i have freak-out moments about my life on the daily. but one thing i know about myself is that i will continue to have those freak-out moments if i don’t do something, take a step forward, try something new, etc. and one thing that helps is limiting social media! it’s all at once inspiring and depressing. good to take a step away sometimes! have a good break.

    • Alison Citron

      I totally agree. I think not pushing yourself to learn and grow is the best way to continue to freak out about your life. I’ve only been limiting stuff for 3 days, and it feels so awesome! I’m actually doing stuff in my free time now – I love it. Thanks for commenting! :)

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