Simplicity 1783

For my second finished sewing project, I put together this blouse. I feel a little torn about it – I like the fabric I picked out a lot, and I like the top a lot in theory – but I haven’t found a lot to wear it with that doesn’t make me feel weirdly dressed up. It certainly doesn’t help that the weather here has not been cool enough to wear a long sleeved shirt, not even a sheer one.

I used the Simplicity 1783 pattern, and it was pretty straightforward to make.


Simplicity 1783

I don’t know – I guess I’m disappointed with how like.. blousey this turned out to be? That’s kind of silly, given that it’s described as a blouse, but it just feels like a lot of pattern and fabric when I put it on. I haven’t totally given up hope yet though – I’m hoping it will be the kind of shirt that looks really cute under a cardigan or a jacket – it just hasn’t been cool enough to try that out yet. I’ll let you know, and I guess I’ll be ready if I ever get that job at Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

  • Gennie

    LOVE it. Especially the orange trim. That really updates it a lot. Try it with some jeans or untucked over skinny pants.

    • Alison Citron

      Thanks, Gennie! I just got some teal skinny jeans that I’m thinking might look good.. now it just needs to actually get cold!

  • lacey

    cutie pie brown! love that orange trim on the sleeves and around the collar. a nice little surprising touch. i do know what you mean though. i have certain piece that look so great on the hanger but just fit awkwardly with whatever i pair them with. curses! keep trying! maybe a blazer over it?

    • Alison Citron

      thanks lady! yeah I feel like I fall for the ‘but this look soo good on the hanger’ trap a lot – I should just buy some frames and display my clothes and then I won’t feel bad about wearing yoga pants all the time!