felted baby booties

Remember how I said my mom was a super talented knitter? I thought I’d share these adorable baby booties that she’s basically famous for at this point. I come from a big extended family, and I have a lot of older cousins who are having collectively one million children. Okay, not really, but it does feel like there’s been a newborn at every family gathering for the past five years or so.

felted baby booties

My mom’s standard baby gift are these felted booties, which she makes herself, in all of these beautiful colors. I keep telling her she should open a knitting store, but she is too modest, or something. I love how unique these are, and I love the colors she chooses. It gives me a lot to live up to in the knitting department! What can I say, my mom is basically Martha Stewart.

  • Kathleen:)

    Wow what a complement !

  • Gabrielle Hardin

    So cute! Handmade baby gifts are the best. :)