Boston Calling

boston calling

The great thing about having a BFF who lives in a super cool city is that I get to visit said city as much as I want, basically. I mean.. I think she’d notice if I moved in permanently, but it’s really fun to have such easy access to a place I am growing to love. The other great thing about it is that at this point we’ve essentially exhausted our touristy options, minus super expensive museums, so we can go up and explore more organically, without feeling like we’re missing out, and basically get to pretend we’re locals.

I’m just going to go over the highlights, because I firmly believe that it’s boring to read a day by day recap of someone’s trip.



We… took the train. Now, you may think that’s crazy, but it’s way cheaper than flying, David is really into trains, and it’s actually one of the few convenient routes in our area. It took a really long time, but it wasn’t actually too bad! They have internet on most of the trains, we got to lay over in DC for a few hours, which was great since we could do a speed walking tour of the monuments (we ended up logging six miles while we were there) and you can get food and drinks on the train. I’m not sure I would want to take such a long trip again, but I’m glad we tried it!


//Boston Calling//

This was the first Boston Calling, and my first music festival. I was really nervous, because I wasn’t sure if I’m enough of a music lover to do a music festival, but it ended up being super, super fun. The first day was 40 degrees and raining which made this delicate southern flower whine a whole lot, but I think it really bonded everyone together (except for the girl standing in the tree who dropped her full cup of beer on me. I’m not bonded with her.) and it made it way less crowded. The next day was beautiful, and it was so fun to hear such good music! They had some really good bands there, like the Shins, Matt and Kim (who I didn’t really like going into the festival but they gave such a good performance that I’m into it now), Bad Rabbits, Of Monsters and Men, and the National.

Moral of the story, I’m glad I did something that I honestly wasn’t sure that I’d like – because I loved it.


We ended up missing our train so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get to Chinatown, which resulted in a goofy photo shoot. Get the look! Wear sixteen layers of clothing because you packed for, you know, summer, stand outside in the cold wind and dance around for 6 hours, and then hang out in a humid T-stop. Touch your face a lot for a smokey raccoon eye.


After the last night of Boston Calling we headed to Chinatown for late night snacks. We went to this awesome, no frills Chinese restaurant and had some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten in my life. I love Raleigh, but we are severely lacking in the international cuisine department, let me tell you. It was also fun to be in a packed restaurant after midnight – something else you probably wouldn’t experience in Raleigh.


This isn’t so much a highlight as a funny thing that we did. On our last day, we were trying to find something to do, and I found this mapparium that looked cool. What I didn’t realized is that it was in the Christian Science Museum (I also didn’t know about Christian Science until my visit – the more you know!). The mapparium is not a giant map dome like I thought from the photo, but a big stained glass globe that you walk inside. It’s pretty cool, the sound is crazy since you’re in a big glass sphere, and there’s a pretty hilarious light show.

// Boston Public Library //

We decided to check out the Boston Public Library, and found a beautiful courtyard, where we just hung out, and talked about where we saw our lives going, and what we were going to do to get there. It was one of those intense, honest conversations that are so special when they happen organically.


It was so fun to see my pal, and see her new place, meet her friends, and see how well she’s doing in Boston. I’m so proud of her, and what I love about our friendship is how easily we pick up where we left off – I miss her a lot, but I’m glad our relationship hasn’t changed since she left.