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one and only website

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Exciting news! Last night my new website went live! In case you can’t tell, I’m pumped. I’m also really flattered that multiple people actually noticed before I had the chance to write about it. I figured nobody would notice until I pointed it out, so thanks, guys. :)

So, the most obvious difference is that I changed my business name. It went from being just Alison Citron/Love Citron/confusing much? to One & Only. For everything. I know a lot of freelancers work under their names, but I wanted something that wasn’t just tied to my name. I also felt that Love Citron was kind of a weird name, and it didn’t have a good application outside of wedding stationery.

I’m also shifting my focus. Something I’ve noticed in the past year is that often, my clients don’t know what they need. They say they need a website, but it turns out what they really need is a a complete overhaul of their branding. Or they tell me they want a logo, when really what they need are some business cards. It’s hard for me to accurately judge what will go into projects like that, and I’m sure it’s frustrating for a client to know that they need help.. but not even know the right questions to ask. So, I’m making it easier.

one and only website

I want to help small, creative business owners put their best foot forward, and often great branding and marketing needs more than just a good website, or a redesigned logo. All you need to know is that you want to make a change, and I can help you decide what exactly that change should be.

I’ve also learned over the past year that I love, love, love making custom wedding stationery. As someone who’s preetty into weddings, I love being a small part of someone’s special day, and I especially love making their vision come to life in ways they might not have originally thought possible.

I’m a planner, and this is my plan: In 2013 I’m only going to focus on helping creative entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and make wedding stationery for cool, creative couples. Those are the two things that I’m most passionate about, and I’m beyond excited to finally be able to share it with you. So please, click over to my new website and check it out, and if you or someone you know might need my help, would you mind passing my name along?

  • Gabie

    Congrats, Alison! As I mentioned, really great job. :) This is awesome.

    • lovecitron

      Thanks Gabie! :)