Bye, Summer

Lake Michigan summer pool swimming change of seasons

Last weekend, I woke up and something was different. The air was fresher, and cooler. The sky was a darker blue, and Caspian no longer acted like he was going to die the minute he stepped paw outside. Fall has arrived in North Carolina. I have to admit – and this is an unpopular opinion – but I’m kind of bummed. It always seems like the last week that the pool is open is cool and breezy, and then the minute it closes we go back to hot and humid for another week or so. To add insult to injury, the pool we belong to is actually closed this week because school is back in session. WHATEVER, guys, how am I supposed to work from pool and soak up the last bits of summer if it’s closed?! These are the tough questions the self employed deal with on a regular basis.

Luckily, I am easily distracted, and in a week or so I’ll be consoled with pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, and the fact that you can go outside without breaking into a sweat.   But for now, I’ll be plotting how to make it to the beach one last time.